Colts’ New Stadium’s Food Service Is Rats–t Crazy

Note to Indianapolis Colts ticket holders - if you’re squeamish or germophobic, either don’t eat the food at Lucas Oil Stadium or don’t read this article. Seriously, this is bad. Go somewhere else. Have you heard of DAILY KITTEN? Go to Daily Kitten instead of reading this if you have a weak stomach. Everyone gone? Okay, let’s talk rat crap.

Rat Feces Lucas Oil Stadium

That’s one of several pictures taken by an employee of the catering company that services Lucas Oil Stadium for Colts games. That employee, who’s protecting her own identity to save her job (totally smart move, by the way; nobody likes a whistleblower), is documenting for FOX 59 the numerous instances of rat feces on and near areas where food is stored at the stadium. Ratatouille ain’t got s–t on this s–t!

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