NFL Starting To Come Forward On Head Injuries?

For a while now, we’ve wondered how the NFL’s going to handle the incoming landslide of evidence coming toward them, universally suggesting their sport can be very bad for the neurological health of the people who play it. That’s damning stuff, and it’s borne out both anecdotally (in the case of Mike Webster) and scientifically (in the CBC’s study that put linemen’s life expectancy at a scant 52 years).

Rod Smith Concussion Number Four
(Rod Smith’s four (reported) concussions don’t bode well.)

Fortunately, the NFL recognizes that it can’t keep its head in the sand forever, and today marks a rather watershed moment: one where the league announces that a study that it commissioned has indicated a much higher propensity for dementia in former players.

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Now Is Not A Good Time To Be An MLBer’s Skull

Remember those weird-ass Japanese robots that play baseball? Maybe the Japanese were onto something. After all, this is a sport with a hard object often flying much faster than human reflexes can catch up to. So when robots take a cruel and unusual amount of physical abuse, it’s usually awesome and never scary or disconcerting.

David Wright HBP
(Oh, that ain’t good.)

The exact opposite is true for humans, though, and the Summer of 2009 Death March has turned its attention from random celebrities to the brain cells of baseball players. The results have been predictably harrowing.

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