Erin Andrews Vs. The World In Pages Of Playboy

It’s that time of year again: time to actually read PLAYBOY for the articles. That’s because, for the third time, the mag is letting you pick the sexiest sportscaster. They’ve narrowed down the choices to 30 and are letting you vote, so put those one-hand typing skills to good use and stuff the ballot box for your favorite.

Erin Andrews

Erin Andrews is listed first, so while the list might be in alphabetical order, it may as well be in order of the favorites too. Andrews took this competition in a landslide last year (Jill Arrington won it the first year), and if I were a betting man, I would consider taking Andrews over the field. Like the Bulls of the mid-90s, even if she’s not putting the best team on the court, her momentum is unstoppable. But there’s no such thing as a sure thing; let’s take a look at some of the women hoping to dethrone America’s Sideline Princess™. (And by “let’s take a look,” I mean “let’s post some pictures.”)

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New MLB Net Reporter Not A Fan Of Erin Andrews

FSN Wisconsin reporter Trenni Kusnierek made some headlines earlier this summer when she called out Erin Andrews for what she thought was inappropriate clothing when Andrews was covering a Brewers-Cubs game in Milwaukee. Most dismissed it as jealousy, as Andrews is a national obsession (of college dudes anyway) while Kusnierek was toiling away in Milwaukee covering the Brewers. To this point, she been most notable in these parts for surviving an earthquake.

Trenni Kusnierek Erin Andrews

But Trenni is perhaps on her way into the national spotlight as well, as she’s been hired as a reporter by the fledgling MLB Network. By the sounds of it, though, it seems Trenni isn’t going to be hiking up her skirt anytime soon, based on her verbal beatdown of Andrews over the summer:

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Sox Lose Ortiz To DL, Hazel Mae To Cheapskates

Calendars of the SbB Girls could be coming your way by Christmastime.

• Red Sox Nation mourns the loss of two of its greats: David Oritz (placed on the DL) & Hazel Mae (lowballed on a new NESN contract).

David Ortiz Hazel Mae

Kimbo Slice hungers for a piece of the boxing pie.

• A one-legged Kentucky youngster is kicking ass in sports.

• Google Maps is quite good at locating Lou Piniella.

Terrell Owens lambasts Bill Parcells, but he sure looks good doing it.

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Red Sox Nation Panic Forces Martial Law, Looting

Red Sox Nation flags fly at half-mast today as two key citizens are leaving for an extended period, neither entirely of their own volition. First, David Ortiz has damage in the sheath that protects a tendon in his left wrist. He’ll be immobilized for a month and still might need surgery.

OUT IN CENTER FIELD points out that Papi Grande will now miss that State Farm promotion during the All-Star Game at Yankee Stadium; we point out that Hank Steinbrenner’s one sneaky SOB and is known to own a sheath-cutting knife. We’re not sayin’; we’re jus’ sayin’.

Hazel Mae

(In this example, the red dress is a tendon sheath…)

However, there is a second loss that may be just as hard to take for the denizens of Red Sox Union of Closely Affiliated States, Municipalities, and Wherever Jimmy Fallon Is This Week: Hazel Mae is out at NESN.

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