Pro Bowl Moves To Miami, Players Aren’t Unhappy

The ASSOCIATED PRESS breaks the news today that the NFL Pro Bowl is moving to Miami for next season, and that the game will now be played the week before the Super Bowl, which also happens to be in Miami in 2010.

NFL Players rejoice over Pro Bowl being moved to South Beach

(Hawaii Stadium extortion = South Beach Bottle service. Thanks Roge!)

I’m sure the move will get a glorious reaction from everyone in the NFL, considering the dilapidated state of Aloha Stadium, the lack of upscale nightlife in Honolulu and the tedious travel time.

SbB On South Beach

(Ahhh, the wonderment that is South Beach. I’ll see you in a month’s time!)

But, don’t count on the NFL not ever returning to Hawaii. It’s clear that this move was designed for one thing: Force the state of Hawaii to build a completely new stadium for the Pro Bowl. Read more…