Hawaii Turns Down NFL’s 2-Year Pro Bowl Offer

It’s rare when someone has the brass tacks to say “no” to the NFL - they are like the Mob in that way (at least). Generally, they ask you to jump, and you say “How high?”. But the HONOLULU ADVERTISER says that the Hawai’i Tourism Authority has rejected the NFL’s offer to play the Pro Bowl at Aloha Stadium in 2011 and 2012, citing concerns about the plan to play the game the week before the Super Bowl. They can expect a horse head made of Spam in their beds very soon courtesy of Roger Goodell.

Sign at 2009 Pro Bowl

The HTA plans on evaluating the success of moving the date of the Pro Bowl when it is played next year in Miami. If it isn’t successful, they will ask the NFL to move the Pro Bowl back to after the Super Bowl before accepting a bid. Apparently, the integrity of having Super Bowl players in the game is something that deeply concerns the HTA:

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Pro Bowl May End Up Being Blacked Out In Hawaii

While the world turns it’s eyes to Tampa this weekend for Super Bowl XLIII there are a lot of people in Hawaii more concerned with the state of next week’s Pro Bowl. While the bad economy didn’t seem to have any effect on the sale of Super Bowl tickets this year, with the game selling out pretty easily, the same cannot be said of the festivities in Honolulu.

Already a little stung by the blow of finding out that next year’s Pro Bowl will be held in Miami, sales for tickets to this year’s Pro Bowl are going pretty slow. In fact, ever since the game moved to Honolulu in 1980 tickets had long been sold out before Super Bowl weekend arrived, but that’s just not the case this year. Which means that unless people start snapping up the 5,000 unsold seats over the next few days, the game is going to be blacked out in Hawaii.

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Shane Victorino: Pig Slaughterer? PETA Says Yes

In between hitting line drive homers and almost getting beaned in the dome, the Phillies’ Shane Victorino enjoys himself a Spam musubi every once in a while. And, of course, PETA is all bent out of shape over it.

Shane Victorino loves Spam

A musubi is a piece of Spam and a small block of rice wrapped in seaweed and is one of the most popular food items in Victorino’s home state of Hawaii. To the calm, rational folks at PETA, though, if you eat one you might as well be jamming a fork into a pig’s face. They’re looking for Victorino to condemn the treatment of pigs at a farm that supplies meat to Spam-maker Hormel. Thus far, he’s doing what most people do when PETA’s badgering them — ignoring them.

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Hawaii Realizes It’s Surrounded By Water

In something that seems like it should have started a long time ago, Hawaii will hold the state’s first official high school surfing meet, as reported by the HONOLULU STAR-BULLETIN.

hawaii high schoolers surf

Contest officials, coaches and students, some who have been pushing for years to have the Department of Education embrace the sport, say surfing should get the recognition it deserves in a state known for its world-class waves and beaches.

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Blog-A-Roni: Tony & Jessica Hang Loose In Hawaii

• GOSSIP GIRLS leis down pics of Tony Romo & Jessica Simpson hanging loose in Hawaii for Pro Bowl Weekend:

Tony Romo Jessica Simpson Hawaii Pro Bowl

Guess she’s not such a jinx after all.

• SIGNAL TO NOISE racks up the frequent flyer miles, as an Internet exec in Denver tries to coach a high school team in Virginia.

• DEUCE OF DAVENPORT discovers a new way for bloggers & other desk jockeys to stay in shape while working with the new $4,000 Tread Desk.

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One-Fifth of Pro Bowlers Not Heading For Honolulu

ESPN’s HASHMARKS points out an interesting stat about this weekend’s Pro Bowl: About 20% of the original choices aren’t going.

Pro Bowl Peyton Manning Jake Delhomme

17 selected all-stars - including the likes of Tom Brady & Brett Favre - decided not to fly out to Hawaii. Most have bowed out claiming injury, but it’s more likely that a lot of players are ho-hum about the Honolulu trip.

NFL commish Roger Goodell has been working to inject some life into a game that’s become an afterthought to both fans & players. Suggestions have included rotating the game among other cities, or moving up the game to the weekend before the Super Bowl.

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80 Foot Wave Crushes Laird Hamilton Who Then Saves Partners Life

HAMILTON CRUSHED BY 80-FOOT WAVE, BARELY SURVIVES: The HONOLULU STAR-BULLETIN reports that some of the largest waves ever seen in Maui surfaced Monday, and famed surfer Laird Hamilton and his surf partner, Brett Lickle, were nearly killed trying to ride them.

Laird Hamilton

Lickle towed Hamilton on a jet ski to one of the waves, which eventually wiped them both out. In the impact, Lickle’s calf muscle was torn in half and was hanging off his leg.

Laird Hamilton

Hamilton eventually located Lickle (after a 15 minute swim) and tore his wetsuit off to use as a torniquet, probably saving Lickle’s lower leg. It took 56 staples to close the wound, but Lickle should recover fully.

Laird Hamilton Gabby Reece

If it’s any consolation to Hamilton, at least he had something warm and cozy to go home to.

ESPN College Gameday Not Coming To Hawaii Anytime Soon

‘COLLEGE GAMEDAY’ WON’T GIVE UP BIG TEN TO HANG TEN: Sure, ESPN College GameDay will go to Williamstown, MA, but they won’t waste their time with Waikiki:

Gameday Corso Indian headdress

The HONOLULU ADVERTISER reports that the college football show won’t be setting up outside Aloha Stadium any time soon. They will, however, head for the New England town this weekend to watch Williams College and Amherst College meet for the 122nd time.GameDay host Chris Fowler notes that bringing the program to Oahu would require lots of logistical planning, while dealing with high costs and limited facilities.

But that doesn’t bother Kirk Herbstreit: “I keep telling Chris and Lee (Corso) we need to get out there for GameDays.”

SbB girls Anyssa Jenna Waikiki Hawaii

Fowler added he would love to hang in Hawaii and have a great time, “if you promise me that fans will show up at 5 in the morning.”In getting his words in, Corso kowtows to the company line, proclaiming, “It is cost prohibitive; I’d never go out there if I was running ESPN.”

Yeah, the network needs to devote that money to more important projects, like “Who’s Now”.

Lee Corso Nude

It’s too bad the crew isn’t coming. Corso could’ve worked on his tan.