Johnson Jettisoned From Mavericks Coaching Job

Guess there are some Boston baseball beauties that can knock your sox off.

Avery Johnson now has time to attend all those Josh Howard parties.

Avery Johnson

Will Mark D’Antoni also be available for appearances?

• Some grouchy media dinosaurs use Bob Costas’ HBO show to growl about the sports blogosphere.

• But they don’t understand the true power of the Internet, as in the case of a small-college football player using YouTube to get himself drafted by the Eagles.

Maria Sharapova finally meets Anna Kournikova - about 3-5 years too late for most of the media to care.

• Sisters are doing it for themselves - especially when it comes to softball sportsmanship.

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Bissinger Turns Out Lights On Blogs-MSM Debate

Deadspin’s Will Leitch was en-paneled last night with Braylon Edwards (?) and author Buzz Bissinger on HBO’s “Costas Now.” The three were supposedly to examine the role sports blogs have in affecting journalism at large.

Buzz Bissinger

But instead of an insightful discussion, Leitch was shouted down with profanity from a bizarre behaving Bissinger throughout. From the look and sound of the celebrated author of “Friday Night Lights”, it appeared to us that he might’ve forgotten his meds before the show went to air. And we’re not trying to be funny.

Leitch writes about the experience here. Jon Weisman of BASEBALL TOASTER also has an eloquent, thorough treatment, as does MDS at AOL FANHOUSE.

As noted in all of the accounts, the credibility Bissinger might’ve had in his analysis of blogs and the MSM was hidden behind a veneer of vitriol aimed at Leitch. Normally we would find the scenario of the dinosaur media member lashing out at the internet as, well, amusing. But in Bissinger’s case, it was actually quite sad. It appears the man is troubled by serious demons that go way beyond his disdain for “Big Daddy Balls” latest rantings.

Leitch handled the strange proceedings like a champ, but we can’t say the same for ol’ Buzz. We still love his work, so based on that, our only wish is that very, very few people watched the show.

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