Hermoine Cheats On Ron Weasly At Rangers Game

For those of you who haven’t seen any of the “Harry Potter” movies because you don’t have kids — or would rather rinse your eyes with bleach — may I remind you that Emma Watson is now over 18, and is quite hot? Thanks for your kind attention on this matter.

Emma Watson

She also attends Brown University, and was seen recently at a Rangers-Panthers game with boyfriend Rafael Cebrian. As BIG LEAGUE SCREW so eloquently put it: Screw that guy.

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Judge Frees Nude Cyclist To Ride Buff Once Again

Mark down another win for the good guys. In a court case that was being watched closely by nude enthusiasts around the world, a Portland judge has cleared Harry Potter look-a-like and nude cyclist Michael “Bobby” Hammond of any wrong-doing or illegal exposure of genitals. He will now be free to roam the expanse of the Pacific Northwest, peddling to and fro with his junk bobbling with every bump in the road. Yeah for America!

Michael Hammond

(Maybe the Invisibility Cloak will work next time.)

Hammond was arrested last July when he rode through the presumably hippy-infested Alberta Arts District in the buff, as a way to “make clear that nothing was powering his mode of transportation but his own unadulterated body.” There was probably a better way to make that point, but whatever. Police saw the move as less of a free speech issue and more of him just being a dick, so they locked him up.

In the end however, the judge threw the case out of court citing the old “it’s okay because everybody else is doing it” precedent.

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Blog-O-Rama: Teddy Bear Toss At Hockey Game

• FUNKY FRESH VIDS went to a hockey game, and a teddy bear toss broke out:

• With all the attention given to the Sean Taylor tragedy, TIRICO SUAVE asks not to forget another athlete in critical condition - Cleveland Indians reliever Juan Lara.• HOME RUN DERBY hears that Jimmy Rollins thinks the Phillies have 100 wins in them next season.• DEADSPIN believes its time the Giants say bye-bye to Eli:

Eli Manning sack

• HALOS HEAVEN reports a snag in talks to bring Miguel Cabrera to Anaheim.• MSN and POPULAR MECHANICS break down the anatomy of a football hit.

• INSIDE USC tunes in news that Thursday’s Trojans-Sun Devils game was one of the highest-rated Thanksgiving college games ever:

usc arizona state

• DEUCE OF DAVENPORT flies high with these college kids attempting a real-life game of quidditch.• MY FOX KANSAS CITY shares the spotlight, as Mark Mangino & Gary Pinkel are both named Big 12 Co-Coaches of the Year.