Rockets Soar To 20 In A Row; Oden Back On Court

The Houston Rockets continue to reach new heights, as they beat the Atlanta Hawks 83-75 Wednesday night for their 20th victory in a row, tying the mark set by the ‘70-’71 Bucks for the 2nd-longest streak in NBA history.

Shane Battier Rockets Hawks

(Cheer up, Shane Battier - your team’s won 20 in a row!)

What a weekend it’s going to be in Houston. The Rockets can reach 21 in a row with a win over Charlotte on Friday, while the Hanson Brothers skate into town on Saturday. If only the local NBA team could have their popular big man back on the court.

While that’s not happening with Yao Ming & the Rockets anytime soon, the Portland Blazers did enjoy a quick glimpse of their own tower of power stepping out on the floor. Read more…

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