Bosox’s Dustin Pedroia Wants Japan to ‘Shut Up!’

Americans have earned a certain reputation abroad as miserable guests while on vacation. (Miserable guests but lucrative ones, even with the falling dollar.) We travel thousands of miles to enjoy McDonald’s with funky new menus or gussied up local fare with an American twist. (”Of course you can have ketchup with your couscous. I’ll get right on that, son of a jackal.”)

Dustin Pedroia

(Next up: karaoke! Do you have Aerosmith?)

Worse yet, we come stomping into local traditions and demand them to bend to our will. Dustin Pedroia, raised in California and semi-matriculated at Arizona State, certainly would have preferred a little cooperation from the Japanese during the Red Sox’s exhibition game against the Hanshin Tigers. You see, the Japanese are too loud when they watch baseball. Poor kid.

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