Haney Takes Cheap Shots At “Dysfunctional” Tiger

The more former Tiger Woods swing coach Hank Haney talks, the uglier it gets for Woods. In a recent published interview with Golf Digest’s Guy Yocom, Haney revealed more unflattering details about Woods as it pertained to their six-year relationship.

Hank Haney on relationship with Tiger Woods: It was dysfunctional

During the interview Yocom asked Haney about his relationship after The Masters:

Haney: I talked to him only two times after that. That was his way of blaming me. Maybe I’m reading too much into it; maybe I’m being too sensitive. But when someone doesn’t talk to you…

Golf Digest: You felt the onus was on him to call you?

Haney: Right. I sent him an e-mail on everything I thought he should do and work on. I got no acknowledgement at all, but that wasn’t unusual. Then it got to the point where I didn’t know what he was doing or thinking. Yet the whole time he was telling the media I was still his teacher and that I was going to continue to be his teacher and I was talking to him every night.

Golf Digest: It sounds like it became dysfunctional.

Haney: It didn’t get dysfunctional; it always was dysfunctional. Read more…

‘Pseudologia Fantastica’: Tiger Lies Look Clinical

Since Hank Haney quit as Tiger Woods’ swing coach, he’s slowly become more and more candid about the dysfunctional relationship he had with the golfer. Haney completely pulled back the curtain to John Huggan of Scotsman.com on Sunday, confirming the astonishing level of deception of the public by his client:

Tiger Woods Lying Has Gone Clinical

Excerpt from Huggan’s piece on Haney:

Quite the contrary, in fact. Even since his latest return to competition at last month’s Masters, Woods noticeably failed to stick up for the man who has stood by his side – actually behind him on the range – for nearly 40 tournament victories, including six major championships. Just last week at the Players Championship (where he withdrew after six holes of the final round citing a neck injury), the world’s best golfer was asked about the state of his relationship with Haney.

In response there was, as ever, no statement of support for Haney and his swing philosophies. Instead, Woods’ typically curt response merely confirmed that the two were “still working together”. One day later, his answer to speculation that he was about to fire Haney, was just as disingenuous: “Hank and I talk every day, so nothing has changed.”

But even that seemingly simple statement was, in fact, more than debatable. Since the Masters almost a month before, the only contact between the two men had been a pair of short texts. They had not spoken directly and they certainly had not spent time on the practice range. So while the world of golf was privately and publicly slagging off Haney because of Woods’ increasingly erratic driving, the reality was that the man getting the blame had had no opportunity to rectify any swing faults. Just one more thing Tiger neglected to mention.

“I wish he had stood up in a press conference and announced, at the very least, that he was sick of all the criticism, that he backed me and that he believed in me,” says Haney. “But he never did.”

Then there’s this from Ron Sirak of GolfDigest.com two days before Woods pulled out of The Players Championship with a neck injury:

“Knee’s good,” Woods said rather dismissively when asked about his health after the round. “No, zero. Absolutely 100 percent,” he added when pressed on whether there were any physical issues. He was also asked about the Achilles tendon problem he had last year but did not reveal until last month.

In quitting the tournament on Sunday, Woods said that his neck had been bothering him since two weeks before The Masters.

Obviously Woods has lied about his personal life to everyone over the years, but now we’re starting to verify his seemingly pointless lies to the golf media. Read more…

Source: Tiger To “Part Ways” With Hank Haney

On March 5 a source revealed to me that Tiger Woods had summoned swing coach Hank Haney to Orlando to monitor the golfer’s practice sessions and that the coach had rented a house in Augusta for Masters week. (The Golf Channel confirmed Haney’s presence in Orlando on March 8.)

Hank Haney is going to Orlando to coach Tiger Woods

On March 11, Robert Lusetich of FOXSports.com was first to confirm that Woods would play The Masters.

Today, the same source who told me the first week of March that Haney was joining Woods in Orlando and had rented a house in Augusta for Masters week, provided me more news about Haney’s relationship with Woods. Read more…

Tiger Coach Hank Haney In Orlando With Woods

Rex Hoggard of The Golf Channel reports today:

Hank Haney is going to Orlando to coach Tiger Woods

Sources told Golf Channel that Woods’ longtime swing coach Hank Haney was spotted last weekend working with the world No. 1 at Isleworth. According to the source it is as hard as Woods has worked on his swing since well before his November car crash ignited a controversy over his infidelity.

Friday I reported that Haney had been summoned to Orlando to work with Woods. I was told by a source today that Haney is still in Orlando and continued to coach Woods on Monday.

I also previously reported that Haney has rented a home in Augusta for early April, which indicates that Woods could be playing The Masters.

UPDATE: GolfDigest.com also has confirmation of Friday SbB report.

Tiger Summons Personal Coach Haney To Orlando

This afternoon at the Newport Beach (CA) Country Club, Tiger Woods swing coach Hank Haney is playing in the Toshiba Classic Pro-Am in a foursome with Ray Romano, Mark O’Meara and Toshiba President and CEO Mark Simons.

Hank Haney is going to Orlando to coach Tiger Woods

The Golf Channel will be in tow, taping for a future episode of Haney’s new reality show with Romano called The Haney Project: Ray Romano. Read more…

Sir Charles To Fix Golf Game Via Reality TV Show

This seems like an idea whose time is waaaaaay overdue: a reality show featuring Charles Barkley … and his golf swing. It makes too much sense not to happen. Barkley, Hall of Fame basketball player, inveterate gambler, and television analyst, is also an amateur golfer. And I can’t stress “amateur” enough (visual proof after the jump).

Charles Barkley and golf

The otherwise world-class athlete has a mental block when it comes to hitting a little white ball with a big titanium stick. So much so that Barkley thought it would be great fun to document the whole affair for television. Brilliant.

Read more…