Saints’ Handicapped Parking Fiend Finally Nabbed

Things must be getting better in New Orleans, because police are putting pro football players in the clink for parking in handicapped spots. I know, I know … if we let one New Orleans Saints safety get away with it, pretty soon there’s handicapped parking chaos. But it still seems rather petty.

Usama Young

Usama Young’s reign of terror came to an end on Thursday when police finally arrested him for parking in a spot reserved for the physically challenged. On hearing the news, handicapped persons throughout Orleans County emerged from their homes for the first time in weeks, squinting at the unfamiliar sunshine and saying a silent prayer that the parking scofflaw had been apprehended. They are free at last to park conveniently in front of the 7-Eleven and use the gentle, sloping mini-driveway hollowed into the curb, now that Young is behind bars. Finally, parking justice. Read more…