HS Girls Coach Fired For Exhibiting His Peter Pan

All that Sean Shields wanted to do is dress as a naughty Peter Pan and include a few questionable props, such as this household cooking utensil that you see in the photo covering his Never-Neverland. Is that so wrong? Sure he’s a high school teacher and girls basketball coach. But this was Halloween, and Shields was feeling buoyant and playful.

Shields apparently unveiled his costume at a party in which students were present, and Albany High School (Louisiana) administration officials were not amused. Shields resigned (read: Was fired) on Monday. That’s what happens when you prance about as a wood nymph and almost exhibit your Mr. Smee. Read more…

Happy Halloween America — Be Careful Out There

We’re fully stocked with fun-size Milky Way bars here at SbB headquarters, and if there isn’t a wide variety of people dressed in various versions of the above costume tonight, we’ll be sorely disappointed. Party hardy, everyone; but use caution. We value each and every one of you.


Sonics Owner Argues With Fan, Has Him Removed

Clay Bennett will not suffer your insolence. The SEATTLE TIMES reports how a Sonics fan may have been tossed out of the arena on orders from the team’s owner.

Sonics owner Clay Bennett Halloween mask

(Clay Bennett Halloween mask courtesy of SUPERSONIC SOUL)

Sam Kidder says he learned through the Internet that Bennett would be attending Sunday night’s game at the KeyArena, so the 23-year-old bought a couple of seats below the owner’s box.

During the game, Kidder let Bennett know about his feelings on moving the club to Oklahoma City: “I looked up at him and said, ‘Hey Clay, what’s up?’ He gave me this snide look and I called him a thief and … he blew me a kiss. That just set me off.”

Read more…

Red Sox catcher Jason Varitek gives out autographs instead of Halloween candy

VARITEK SIGNING STUFF INSTEAD OF SUPPLYING SWEETS: Too cheap to go out and buy candy, Jason Varitek spent his Halloween night giving out autographs instead:

Jason Varitek Red Sox

The BOSTON GLOBE reports that the Red Sox catcher sat in front of his house and signed items for all the costumed youngsters that dare approached him.Varitek put his name on baseballs, shirts, hats, and even the pillowcases kids were using to haul their evening take of sugary goodies.

Sure, it was a huge thrill for a lot of these young fans & their parents, but would it have been so hard for Varitek to head over to the local Stop & Shop and pick up a bag of Bit O’ Honey or a supply of Snickers?

Halloween candy

It’s not like he couldn’t have found time for some shopping, since Series Games 5, 6, or 7, were no longer necessary.Lazy.

Mark Mangino Costume Big Hit Among Kansas Fans

JAYHAWKS FAN FILLS ROLE NICELY IN MANGINO COSTUME: Looking for some last-minute tips on choosing a Halloween get-up? DEADSPIN commenter PETEJäYHAWK™ fills you in on what’s hot for the Kansas costume crowd:

Mark Mangino costume

It’s jumbo Jayhawks mentor Mark Magnino, complete with cigarette accompaniment. Makes you want to go out and saw wood immediately.Now, which way to the trick-or-treats? We’ll take the BBQ turkey legs instead of candy bars, thank you.

Happy Halloween From SbB

SbB wishes you the happiest of Halloween seasons.

SbB Girls Gia1 Alexandria Jessica3 Masks

Jon Kitna Nude Costume Goofs On Lions Nude Coach

THE COSTUME EVEN COMES WITH FROSTY (WE HOPE) STAIN Like you, we’re getting geared up for Halloween tomorrow night, but Jon Kitna of the Lions is already ahead of us. THE WORLD OF ISAAC has this photo of the Detroit QB last night at a charity fundraiser.

Jon Kitna Halloween Costume Goofing On Joe Cullen

The getup was an apparent jab at Lions defensive line coach Joe Cullen, who you may remember early this year was caught by police going through a drive-thru in his car while completely naked.Since Kitna stole our costume idea (who wasn’t planning a Detroit-themed Halloween?), we’re instead thinking of going as The Invisible Man (dressed as Matt Millen).

Dennis Rodman Hosting Halloween Party In Miami

RODMAN GETTING HIS SPOOK ON FOR MIAMI HALLOWEEN: Looking for a really scary time on Halloween? Why not get swept up in Rodmania!

Dennis Rodman Cher

Dennis Rodman will be worming his way to Miami, as the Bad Boy will be hosting the spooky event Friday night at a local racetrack & casino.For only $20, you can partake in drink specials, DJ music, and lots & lots of loud drunks in sexy & psuedo-sexy costumes - with big prizes for those looking the sluttiest!

Dennis Rodman costume

But if you’re gonna come dressed as a waitress, be sure to buffer your behind.