Tulsa Not Thrilled With Rice Halftime Show Poking Fun At Coach

TULSA FUMING OVER RICE’S HELL OF A HALFTIME SHOW: Tulsa wasn’t so entertained by the Rice University band’s halftime show “honoring” their football coach.

Todd Graham Tulsa coach

The HOUSTON CHRONICLE reports that the school has filed a complaint with Conference USA over last Saturday’s performance by the Marching Owl Band.The MOB paid tribute to the Golden Hurricane coach in a halftime skit called “Todd Graham’s Inferno“. As this handy script explains, the band chronicles their journey into Hell, where they find Graham on the last level, next to the words, “Welcome to Tulsa”.

Rice Hell Circle 4 Franchione

But the biggest complaint was about the show’s finale, when the narrator ended the story by calling Graham a “douchebag”.Why all the terrible tirades toward Todd and Tulsa? Last year, Graham was on the sidelines as Rice’s head coach. But he bolted for northeast Oklahoma in the off-season - a flight that ruffled the feathers of many Owls fans.

Rice Texas halftime video

Saturday’s show isn’t the first time the band has mocked their opponents. Back in September, the MOB made fun of Texas players’ criminal issues - during halftime on the Longhorns’ own field.But before being battered by angry Austin attendees, the MOB made a crack at rival Texas A&M and their mascot’s memorable munching episode, announcing that Reveille’s training “would no longer be outsourced to Michael Vick.”

Tom Petty To Play 2008 Super Bowl Halftime Show

EAGLES OUT; TOM PETTY TO PLAY SUPER BOWL HALFTIME: Last month we reported there was a 90% chance that the Eagles would be the headliner at next year’s Super Bowl in Glendale, AZ. Well much like our most recent visit to the tables in Laughlin, the 10% came through - and the Eagles are out.

Tom Petty

We have since learned that Tom Petty will headline the Super Bowl halftime show. The deal is officially done. Much like our visits to Nevada for the next calendar year.

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Dan Patrick Kingsford

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Venus Williams new hair

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Dan Marino Pitt hitmen

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Dennis Rodman costume

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