Yankees Looking To Buy EPL’s Tottenham Club?

London’s DAILY STAR reported Sunday that the New York Yankees are entertaining the possibility of making a bid for Tottenham Hotspur of the English Premier League.

Hal and Hank Steinbrenner

THE owners of baseball giants New York Yankees are looking into buying Spurs for a massive £450million.

Powerhouse Yankees are said to be weighing up an offer for a major stake in the White Hart Lane outfit.

Hank, a former college soccer player, expressed an interest in buying the club in the early 1990s.

Back then, the Yankees were ­approached to buy a 33 per cent ­interest in Tottenham for around £20m – but they passed up the option and it is a decision that Hank still regrets.

It’s probably not a coincidence that this news hit just days after George Steinbrenner passed away. Can’t imagine the old man would be too excited about it.


Asked about buying into another sports franchise, Hank said: “The only thing would be a major soccer team in ­Europe, preferably in the Premier League. That’s always a possibility for me.”

Current owner Joe Lewis, 73, could be tempted. The Bahamas-based, East End-born businessman is worth £1.5billion but he and his partners lost £500m in the Bear Stearns bank collapse.

Yankees President Randy Levine responded to the report today. Read more…

Yanks Ready For Comeback After Hal-Stein’s Coup

On Feb. 24, NEWSDAY’s Neil Best asked Yankees COO Lonn Trost, “Is there any chance you will drop prices on your most expensive seats?”

Hal Steinbrenner Coup Means Comeback For Yankees

(Does Hal Now Have Yanks’ Hank-led goon squad in the backseat?)

Trost:No, our prices are our prices.”

Whoops! From this afternoon’s NYP:

The Yankees today announced they are lowering ticket prices for seats located in the Legends Suite and a few other of their more expensive locations.

So who was behind the change? Not Trost. Or fat-faced pitbull Randy Levine. Ditto Hank Steinbrenner.

Try the only Yankee guy who never shows up in PAGE SIX for stiffing a random waiter in the meatpacking district: Hal Steinbrenner.

This development was huge for the Yankees, but not in the way you think. Yeah, lowering ticket prices is a good thing, but the move signals something much more important.

Hal Steinbrenner may apparently finally be taking charge of the organization.

I worked in the Yankee organization for 4+ years in the late ’90s as a broadcaster with the club’s AAA team. During that time, George Steinbrenner was still in firm control of the franchise, but right about that time I started to get the sense that Hal could soon enter the front office picture.

When I first started with the team, Hal was nowhere to be found, but by the end of my tenure, he was often seen participating in Yankee p.r. functions, some of which I participated in with him.

That seemed to telegraph that someday Hal would take the reins, but until today, it obviously hadn’t happened. Read more…

Speed Read: Cleveland Is A Hot Mess Right Now

It was an incredibly tumultuous night in Cleveland, and the Cavaliers losing to the Wizards was the least shocking news of the night. (Although as the WASHINGTON POST’s Michael Lee points out, Washington joins the Lakers and Celtics as the only teams to beat Cleveland twice this season.) Yes, it’s not often that the best team in the league loses to the worst team in the league, but the Wizards are a unique case, with Gilbert Arenas and Brendan Haywood finally back playing after missing almost all of the season with injuries.

Jay Cutler Brady Quinn Jason Campbell

No, most of the evening drama in Cleveland involved the Browns. First came some fallout from Jay Cutler’s trade to the Bears, specifically reports that Cleveland had tried to work out a three-way deal with the Broncos and Redskins that would have sent Brady Quinn to Denver and Jason Campbell to Cleveland. Browns coach Eric Mangini spent Thursday night denying these reports; expect Quinn to demand a trade because the Browns tried to trade him sometime within the next week.

Donte Stallworth

And later in the evening, there was news in the DUI manslaughter case against Browns WR Donte Stallworth, and it was more than just his first appearance at a court hearing. It turns out that Stallworth was already in the NFL’s substance abuse program at the time of his arrest, which opens him up to a whole range of punishment from the league. Of course, he’s facing charges that could land him in jail for at least eight years, and having a history of substance abuse issues is not going to help his case, so I’d say that Roger Goodell is the least of Stallworth’s problems right now.

Bernie Williams

Meanwhile, there were no problems at the opening of the Hard Rock Cafe Yankee Stadium yesterday, just a lot of unintentional comedy as reported by MLB.COM. What do I mean? How about Yankees’ Executive Vice President Hal “The Pretty One” Steinbrenner joining rock stars/C-list celebs with nothing better to do Ace Frehley of KISS, Scott Ian and Frank Bello of Anthrax, Darryl “DMC” McDaniels, Bernie Williams and members of the Seminole Nation to smash guitars instead of cutting a ribbon. And yes, this means rock and roll is officially dead.

(Oh yeah, “Late Show With David Letterman” band drummer Anton Fig was there, which only means one thing: even Paul Shaffer had too much dignity to show up to this thing.)

Other news while you were rioting in the streets of State College to celebrate Penn State’s NIT victory:

  • As PUCK DADDY notes, it must be like getting their hearts ripped out all over again for Hartford Whalers fans to see a Hurricanes jersey with the Whalers’ logo (and a God awful color combination). Although I’d love it if the Ravens wore Browns jerseys for “Turn Back The Clock” day against Cleveland.
  • Whalers jersey

  • While the Jay Cutler trade solved one long-running NFL saga, the Anquan Boldin/Arizona Cardinals mess continues to fester. The latest comes from NFL.COM which reports that Boldin told a Florida radio station that he would “love to” play in his home city of Miami.
  • I had hoped that the America’s Cup had gone the way of 1980s fads like The Lambada, Swatches and The California Raisins. But apparently it’s still happening, and it’s now the focus of lawsuits involving people with more money than they know what to do with. The AP has the latest news, as software tycoon Larry Ellison and his boat “Oracle” have won the right to challenge the current Cup holders, Judge Elihu Smails and his boat “The Flying Wasp” (seen below at its coronation):

  • It looks like things are going anything but “perfect” for former Cincinnati ace Tom Browning: THE NEWS & OBSERVER reports the Reds have dropped him as the pitching coach for the Carolina Mudhens after he was arrested on Friday for failure to pay child support.
  • If you’re a former NFL player who gets arrested on drug charges, you would hope that the headlines wouldn’t call you “forgettable.” But that’s just how NBC DALLAS FORT WORTH described former Cowboy Leonardo Carson, arrested yesterday on intent to sell charges, and I’ll be damned if they aren’t right.
  • Now that Tim Floyd has turned down Arizona, TUCSON CITIZEN columnist Anthony Gimino wants to know if there’s anyone left who wants the Wildcats’ coaching job. May I make a suggestion: Former Baylor coach Dave Bliss is available and ready to talk. Sure, he’s got a checkered past, but the guy knows how to win. Barring that, perhaps Jerry Tarkanian is available.
  • Sports is creeping its way into politics in Los Angeles, as the LOS ANGELES DAILY NEWS reports that City Attorney candidate Carmen Trutanich is being ripped by his opponent and NOW for successfully representing former USC defensive back Eric Wright on rape charges in 2005.
  • I can’t imagine why parents in Shenendehowa, NY are upset to find out that a part-time track coach had his teaching license revoked 11 years ago after an alleged sexual abuse case. WTEN-TV says that while Don Paretta was not convicted, he admitted to giving a former student a note at graduation saying he would “miss the student’s face and body.” And this guy coached pole vaulting: let the jokes commence.
  • According to the NEWARK STAR-LEDGER, Boston College DT B.J. Raji - a projected Top 10 pick in the NFL Draft - committed a crime worse than scoring single digits on the Wonderlic test: he reportedly flunked a drug test at the NFL Combine.
  • Finally, HOME RUN DERBY sends a hearty congratulations to Manatee Community College, which defeated the Pittsburgh Pirates 6-4 yesterday. Yes, those Pittsburgh Pirates, as in the “allegedly major league Pirates.” Bill Mazeroski would be rolling in his grave, if he were dead.

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Hal Steinbrenner Admits Yankees Tix ‘Overpriced’

Only a few more days before the new Yankee Stadium officially opens for business! Well, actually, it’s only one more day until the Yanks host the Cubs in an exhibition game at the brand new ballpark. But the real season at the Stadium doesn’t start until April 16 - before that, the Yankees must visit Baltimore, Kansas City & Tampa Bay.

Yankee Stadium inside NY logo

That means there’s still plenty of time to buy tickets. And luckily there are still plenty of seats available - because the prices are too damn high. (Unless you think an average price of $237 per seat is reasonable. How about a one-game suite for $2,625? Or $320 for an obstructed-view seat? And who would build stadiums with obstructed views anyway these days? It’s 2009, not 1909.)

But don’t worry - Hal Steinbrenner feels your pain. The Yankees’ general partner admits some amounts they’re charging may be a bit excessive.

Read more…

For $423.5M, Yanks Could Own Freddie, NY Times

In this offseason alone, the Yankees have spent $432.5 million on three free agents: pitchers CC Sabathia and A.J. Burnett and first baseman Mark Teixeira. To get Sabathia and Burnett, New York bid above market prices. For Teixeira they shot appropriately high. yet all those moves pale in comparison to what the Yankees could have bought with the same money in the downtrodden stock market: Freddie Mac, a controlling ownership of Churchill Downs, half of the New York Times or one-third of Foot Locker.

hank steinbrenner, george steinbrenner

That’s right, Steinbrenner, Steinbrenner and Steinbrenner, Inc., clearly could have spent their money a bit more wisely, according to CNBC Sports Business guru Darren Rovell. Two years ago Freddie Mac was booming, and there’s no reason the organization couldn’t return to their previous glory of share-price highs. Just think: The Yankees could own one of the largest mortgage brokerages in history. They could call it Yankee Homes and go buy up one-third of New England delinquincies, forcing Red Sox fans to sign on to “Yankee Home” deeds. The possibilities are endless.

Instead, New York has two pitchers and a slugging first baseman. For five years (assuming Sabathia doesn’t opt out). Seems like a misallocation of resources, if you ask us.

Read more…

Lil’ Steinbrenner Says Girardi’s Comin’ Back in ‘09

Alex Rodriguez may have given up on the season*, but Lil’ Hank Steinbrenner has faith that the guys who put the Yankees in their current predicament will also turn help things around next year.

Joe Giradi

Obviously, Hank’s old man, George, has a lot to do with New York’s situation, but since he’s family — and more importantly, the reason his son has a job — the fingers are pointing in the general direction of GM Brian Cashman and first-year manager Joe Girardi. But according to the ASSOCIATED PRESS, nobody’s getting canned. Not yet, anyway.

Read more…

Blog-O-Rama: Hal Steinbrenner Is On The Prowl

• The LOHUD YANKEES BLOG plays cupid, as new Yankee co-boss Hal Steinbrenner is looking for love.

Hal Steinbrenner Cupid

• ODENIZED hears Jason Kidd plead his case during Thursday’s Mavs-Spurs game: “I tipped it off his face, I swear.”

• WAS WATCHING has a new job for Carl Pavano - mascot for the Yankees’ Double-A farm team.

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