“Today Show” To Feature 3-Year-Old ESPN Real

If you hadn’t been paying attention to blogs back in 2006 and found out that there was an “ESPN Real” that was three years old, you’d probably think something like “well of course I haven’t heard of that before, a sports reality channel would suck pretty badly” or “how come Real Madrid gets their own ESPN thing for three straight seasons?” If we told you that was actually a toddler’s name, to be pronounced “Es-pen,” you’d probably think “well, that’s clearly not happening above the Mason-Dixon line.”

ESPN Real Sr. and Jr.
(ESPN and ESPN2)

Unfortunately for one toddler, though, he really is named ESPN Real - ESPN Montana Real Jr., as it turns out. Yes, “Junior”; that’s because his father’s name is also ESPN Real, and you can only be surprised about that if you’ve never heard of the Deep South.

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