Random Guy Destroys LeBron James in H-O-R-S-E

And he gave a heck of a money quote afterwards. Dan Kalb was selected to play LeBron James in “LeBron’s Trick Shot Challenge” in Venice Beach, California. Not satisfied to merely show up, he took down the Olympian in a best of three round of H-O-R-S-E.

Kalb told the MANSFIELD NEWS JOURNAL “I’m sure it was in fun,” Kalb said, “but part of him was probably thinking, ‘I can’t believe I lost to a bald 26-year-old.’”. No kidding.

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Obama Showcases His Perimeter Game to Troops

The opening salvo in the Most Important H-O-R-S-E Game of All Time was fired a few hours ago by Barack Obama. Obama, meeting with troops in Kuwait, launched a deep-but-not-quite-three-point-shot from the right side and drained it. MSNBC has the video to prove it:

While some might argue that the contest is unfair because Obama is an avid basketball player — going so far as to emulate Vlade Divac’s workout routine — the counter-argument is that John McCain has more experience with the sport since he was alive when it was first invented!

In any case, it’s your shot, McCain.

Note: In the interest of fair-and-balanced reporting, we present the infamous video of one of Obama’s lesser athletic achievements after the jump.

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