Shawn Johnson Fan Arrested Breaking Into Studio

After the Beijing Olympics, 17-year-old Shawn Johnson suddenly has one of the world’s most recognizable faces. She’s young, she’s an Olympic gold medalist (she would have won more than one of those, if not for Alicia Sacramone), and she’s had her own official fan club since before her 15th birthday. In fact, that’s part of her problem, as one of those fans, a 34-year-old man named Robert O’Ryan, has taken things way, way, way too far, trying to break onto the set of a CBS studio where Johnson is filming the upcoming season of Dancing With the Stars.

Shawn Johnsons Bikini Mom Photo

The story comes from TMZ, via FANHOUSE — and was mentioned in this morning’s Speed Read, below — and it’s about as scary a fan issue as we can remember. Not only did O’Ryan claim he was “meant to be with,” Johnson, he also was packing a .45 caliber handgun, a shotgun, and a plethora of material that could be used to kidnap someone; duct tape, zip tiles, maps to different Johnson locations (the CBS studio, her house, etc.), love letters and “other clippings and information.”

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Gymnastics Hotties Sacramone & Liukin In Bikinis

Nastia Luikin might be the golden girl of the US Olympics gymnastics team, but the breakout star might be Alicia Sacramone. In ways that the mainstream media is unable to comprehend, Sacramone has become one of the most talked about & searched-for athletes (or even celebrities of any kind) in the past few weeks. BANNED IN HOLLYWOOD offers some visual proof of why Sacramone might be a bigger hit than Luikin with the online crowd despite her lack of Olympic success:

Alicia Sacramone & Nastia Liukin in bikinis

That’s Sacramone in the middle, with Liukin directly to her right. I have no idea who the other girls are. They might be other members of the Olympic gymnastics team for all I know: I defy anyone to remember any member of the team besides those two and Shawn Johnson. All I know is that in the All-Around Hotness race, Sacramone has crushed Liukin in the Bikini portion, a fact not even Bela Karolyi can argue.

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