Note To Self: Don’t Talk To Rampage In The Gym

We’ve never read MEN’S FITNESS mag, and we’ve always wondered how they keep that thing going. How many times can you publish pieces about sit-up technique? And the “long, hard road to huge, rock-hard lats!”

UFC Girls Rampage Jackson

(Not covered: How to avoid a belt for staring at Gym hotties)

But thanks to the online version, we were introduced to an Q & A on “gym etiquette” with MMA brawler Rampage Jackson. The questions pretty much cover every cliched douchenozzle you’ve ever observed in the gym. One example:

You’re obviously a guy who has spent a lot of time in the gym, so we’re assuming you know all about proper gym etiquette.(What do you say to) Guys who talk to you while you’re trying to workout.
Are you hitting on me? What are you here for-to workout or hit on me?

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