Video Confirms Gus Johnson Jack Of All Trades

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Gus Johnson has the Dog Humping Call

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Poll: Dance With Nantz Or Get On The Gus Bus?

I’m starting to sense that the NCAA Tournament-spawned online popularity of Gus Johnson is transitioning from a quasi-mocking tone to a genuine appreciation for his excitable on-air style. A style that’s a complete departure from virtually all national television network play-by-play guys.

Gus Johnson and Jim Nantz

(Gusgasms Keep March Madness Fans Gushing)

So why have so many people responded positively to what some might consider Johnson’s contrived, showboating style? Because the people who matter obviously think what he does is instead a natural outpouring of affection for the game.

With 96 looming, if any major sporting ever needed more of that right damn now, it’s March Madness.

Your 2011 NCAA Hoops Tournament Final Four Announcer:

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So I want to take your temperature on who you’d prefer in the booth for future Final Fours. That is, to find out if you actually do take Johnson seriously as a candidate to replace Jim Nantz.

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While You Wait For Jim Spanarkel’s Standup…

Sneak couple-six Ancient Age minis into arena for Hugs. Do some very light reading before you take a meeting. Gift Trey Wingo a Garmin. Bask in the majesty of the Gus Johnson Soundboard:

Gus Johnson Soundboard

Rikers Island Recruits Now Lean To Binghamton

Happy to report that Binghamton basketball is just as fun this year as last offseason season. Quote from Coach Mark Macon, via the NYT’s Pete Thamel, after the team’s loss last night to Boston U.

Mark Macon

We were never trying to sneak up on anybody anyway. Why? We want people to know we’re coming. When I knock on your door, I want you to know who it is. If you don’t, I might steal something. We’re not trying to surprise anybody. Like I said, if I knock on your door and you ain’t there, it’s your fault your TV got stolen, not mine.

Best part of the quote isn’t the comment itself. It’s the unflinching reaction from the locals reporting on what he said.

That gorgeous video is after the jump.

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Want To Get Away? Gus Johnson Sorry For Gaffe

Gus Johnson had only just gotten over Brandon Stokley’s deflected TD reception against the Bengals when a controversy arose surrounding his interesting choice of words during the Jaguars-Titans game on Sunday. In calling a Chris Johnson touchdown run, Gus said that the Titans running back had “getting-away-from-the-cops speed!” Whoops.

Gus Johnson

Gus Johnson is very sorry, kind of. And he said so today, in one of the most striking non-apology apologies in the history of anything. In fact, the apology was so hollow, there was an audible echo. He shouldn’t have bothered, really, except that in saying something, at least he was acknowledging the controversy.

Chris Johnson

(Wait, isn’t it the Bengals who are usually running from the cops?)

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“Bungles” Blow Game In Horrific/Hilarious Fashion

For 59 minutes of gametime, the Denver Broncos as Cincinnati Bengals were playing like two teams who had zero preseason hype coming into the season, which is exactly what they were. A late touchdown gave Cincinnati the lead at 7-6, but it was long since clear that there would be no real winners from the game - most certainly not the fans.

Brandon Stokely Broncos

Lucky for America, though, Gus Johnson was calling the game, and when Gus Johnson is on the mic, incredible things happen and Gus Johnson loses his s–t. So after the aforementioned touchdown, the Broncos were backed up to their own 13 yard line. And with Kyle Orton as the quarterback, so you know perfect passes weren’t exactly in the offing. And let’s start the video there, which you can watch below.

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Gus Johnson Gets Into It with Restaurant Manager

Gus Johnson is one of the most excitable play-by-play men in college basketball today. Check that - he is the most excitable. And now that NCAA tournament time is finally upon us, we’ll all get to bask in more generous glory of our guy Gus.

Gus Johnson Blues City Cafe

However, Mr. Johnson may be taking the whole “March Madness” thing a little too literally. How else can you explain good ol’ Gus getting into a melee with a restaurant manager?

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Speed Read: Like You Are Working Today Anyway

O Glorious Day! The zenith of nascent spring has arrived! Today, you can call in sick to work (tell them you need to prep for your World Series-winning colonoscopy), crack open a beer before 9:30 am on the West Coast, and stare intently at teenagers in short pants for four straight days without so much as a cocked eyebrow from your loved ones.

Final Four Memphis Tigers fans

(2008 Final Four coverage from SPORTSbyBROOKS)

(Hint: timing’s everything on this one. One weekend in the wrong direction and you’re stuck programming your GPS to stay 200 yards from schools for the next five years.)

Here’s what you need to thrive today:

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Final Four Tickets

(2007 teaser from SPORTSbyBROOKS coverage)

Here’s your morning NCAA Men’s Basketball Tournament storylines:

Since you now have a few hours to kill, here’s the hail of bullet points to distract you while considering why you’re getting sex advice from China’s last eunuch (and how they tested for this):

Francisco Rodriguez of Venezuela

Manny Ramirez

Which #1 seed falls first?

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The Big Ten Network Just Got A Lot Awesomer

Awesomer is a word. I don’t care if dictionaries are too good for it, it’s a word, and today, it describes the Big Ten Network quite perfectly.

Genuflect Before Gus Johnson

That’s because the BTN just announced that it is adding Gus Johnson to the college basketball team, instantly transforming a shoddy, low-rent organization into the best in the business. Gus Johnson is that good, and if you don’t believe me, A) you’re an idiot, and B) conclusive video evidence is after the jump. Read more…

Blog-O-Rama: NFL Owners Declare CBA Now DOA

• PRO FOOTBALL TALK tallies the votes on the CBA, and the NFL owners unanimously decide to make it DOA.

NFL logo collage

Such news could soon mean job cuts at the NFL Network. It’s a good thing Bryant Gumbel already left early.

• THE WIZARD OF ODDS finds Pete Carroll touring the USC campus & asking people if they know who he is.

• WITH LEATHER argues that if interleague play ain’t broke, why fix it?

• DEADSPIN bids a fabulous fond farewell to Mike Piazza.

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