Texas Steers Ohio St. Toward Another BCS Defeat

• The Longhorns help rustle up yet another BCS bust by the Buckeyes.

Colt McCoy Texas Ohio State Fiesta Bowl

• We’re happy to share the sights of San Francisco with SbB Girl Wendy.

• Ex-Cub Lee Smith saves up hope that he’ll be called to the Hall of Fame.

• Speaking of the Baby Bears, will Sam Zell FINALLY sell?

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Gus Frerotte Knows Why The Vikings Lost Sunday

I don’t know about you, but while I was watching Sunday’s playoff game between the Vikings and Eagles, one thought kept entering my mind.  That thought was “How in the hell could the Chicago Bears lose the division to a team quarterbacked by Tarvaris Jackson?” Of course, I realize that the Bears actually once got to the Super Bowl with Rex Grossman, so maybe I had no right to complain. Still, Tarvaris Jackson really, really sucks.

You know how I know he sucks? Well, it wasn’t just because Tarvaris completed only 15 of his 35 passes for 146 yards and a pick-six. No, it was because after only two games this season he was pulled by his head coach Brad Childress in favor of Gus Frerotte. I’m not the only one who shares this opinion either apparently, because after the game Frerotte said that the Vikings would have had a better chance to beat the Eagles had he been playing instead of Jackson.

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Visanthe Shiancoe Invited To The Bubble Butt BBQ

Overall, things haven’t been going that great for the Minnesota Vikings in the last few weeks.  While they’re still in first place in the NFC North over the Chicago Bears, they have the possible suspensions of The Williams Wall looming over their heads, and now they have to put their playoff hopes in the incompetent hands of Tarvaris Jackson thanks to Gus Frerotte’s broken back.  Still, despite all the troubles facing the rest of his team, things are going pretty well for tight end/flasher Visanthe Shiancoe.

Ever since Visanthe unsheathed his sword on Fox’s postgame coverage last Sunday, he’s received quite a bit of attention.  Where as before Sunday he was just a tight end with a weird name nobody could pronounce, now he’s a tight end with a weird name nobody can pronounce who has showed his penis to the world.  The world noticed that penis too. Well, at least the porn world noticed.

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Benched, Tarvaris Jackson’s Mom Still Loves Him

Although Minnesota Vikings quarterback Tarvaris Jackson was surprised the team had benched him for this week’s game against the Carolina Panthers, the ST. PAUL PIONEER PRESS finds his mother Sanque Jackson holding out hope.

She will be coming to Minnesota anyway, she said. She plans to arrive today.

“I’m not canceling my trip; he’s still on the team regardless,” she said from Montgomery, Ala. “It’s still his team whether he’s starting or not, so I’m supporting him. I’ll be there.”

We know she loves her son, but if someone treks all the way to Minnesota for an NFL game, I’m guessing the chance to see Adrian Peterson play is part of the deal. Read more…

Vikings Give Up, Name Gus Frerotte Starting QB

So, all you people out there who picked the Vikes to win the NFC North — how you feeling right about now? It seemed odd, I thought, that so many people were willing to support a team that had, uh, a bit of a question mark at the quarterback position. A question mark that is now so big that he can’t even keep Gus Frerotte off the field.

Gus Frerotte's head through a wall

Frerotte, the NFL’s equivalent to Ted McGinley, is coming off a stellar season with the Rams in which he posted a lofty 58.3 QB rating in eight starts. Apparently, that’s good enough for Brad Childress to send Tarvaris Jackson to the rails. And really, after you’ve been displaced by Gus, is there any future for you in the NFL?

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