Music Games More Popular Than Sports Games?

Perhaps we should have seen this coming when the big improvement for Madden 09 was the addition of Cris Collinsworth. Or maybe we should have seen it coming when that cute chick at the office suddenly declared she was buying an XBox 360, squealing “I love Journey! My sorority used to sing that song at bars all the time in college!” But music games have finally surpassed sports games in popularity. The awesome Tony Hawk Pro Skater soundtrack is not amused.

John Madden Football

(Any excuse to run this photo.)

So lazy talentless rock star wannabees now outnumber lazy talentless athlete wannabees, according to a new study by market research firm Odyssey. It’s not a huge surprise: both lifestyles boast riches, travel and groupies, but unless you’re an underachieving white wide receiver, only the rock star lifestyle features cocaine.

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Blog Jam: In Sync w/Sexy Twin Brazilian Swimmers

• WITH LEATHER sees double in checking out a delectable duo of twin Brazilian Olympic synchronized swimmers.

Twin Brazilian Olympic synchronized swimmers

• ALL BALLS gives their pom-poms a good shaking in selecting their top 10 hottest TV & movie cheerleaders.

• DEADSPIN bounces along worries that the U.S.’s close basketball win over Australia is cause for Olympic concern.

• If Brett Favre gets traded to Tampa Bay, HOTDOG & FRIENDS wonders what will keep the Bucs from moving him to Minnesota, after all.

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Vikes Punter Doubles As Top-100 Guitar Hero Star

Sure, Tony Romo’s lofty NFL status affords him opportunities the average player can only dream about, but when it comes to the pretend world of music-making, Romo is to Guitar Hero what Vikings punter Chris Kluwe is to football. (Yes, the irony burns.)

Guitar Hero

Kluwe looks like an unassuming high school kid, but it’s on like Donkey Kong when the music starts. He figures he’s one of the top 100 Guitar Hero players on the planet, which, due to the fact that he’s married, brings the grand total of Guitar Hero groupies to one.

His teammates, when not stuffing him in lockers or tying him to goal posts, are no doubt dazzled by his fake-guitar-playing wizardy, but it’s a pretty good sign that you’re the biggest nerd on the roster when the kicker starts making fun of your hobby:

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Zumaya Rehab Update: Keg Stand Skills Improving

As the Tigers limp along in their horrid start, Detroit pitcher Joel Zumaya sits on the shelf, as he recovers from offseason shoulder surgery. But one can only take shelf-sitting for so long. So, MAC G’s WORLD checks in to see how Zumaya’s rehab is going.

Joel Zumaya drinking from keg

Looks like Joel’s making progress. Good to know he’s still on fluids.

But wait, there’s more!

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Pro Wrestlers Can’t Look Macho with Guitar Hero

Thanks to KOTAKU, we have a warning for wrestling fans and entertainment executives everywhere: this is what happens when you let your Marketing department plan your introductions.

“Hey, the kids are into the Guitar Hero; my little Dylan can’t stop playing long enough to come to the dinner table or notice when I’ve disappeared two hours to ‘answer email’ and hit the Pippi Longstocking fetish chat room. We should combine the two somehow. Maybe we could hand huge men these little toys and let them indulge their rock star dreams?”
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