We’ve Got Video Of The Paraplegic Hockey Brawl!

Remember the sledge hockey brawl from a few days ago? Well, a lot of you were begging for video of the fracas, and now you got it. To recap: A sledge hockey game (which is played by people who have lost the use of their legs) between the U.S. and Canada turned ugly in the final seconds when an American player crashed into the Canadian goalie in the final seconds of Canada’s 2-1 win. In his defense, though, he’s on a sled. Would you be able to stop that thing on a dime?

The Canucks didn’t take kindly to the whole thing, and a line brawl erupted. And while the brouhaha itself was entertaining enough, there’s nothing like watching three hockey officials bending over to try and break up a fight that’s occuring two feet off the ground.

Video after the jump. The whole thing is Eric Cartman approved.

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Phil Jackson, Jeanie Buss Employ ‘Dog Whisperer’

We all have a show or two we don’t want to admit we watch - when we get the chance. National Geographic Channel’s “Dog Whisperer” is that show for us. We really, really love it, mainly for the unintentional comedic content (which is why we’re also obsessed with late night infomercials).

Phil Jackson Jeanie Buss Dog Whisperer

True Hoop’s Henry Abbott comes through with a classic clip of Jeanie Buss and Phil Jackson on the show, doting over their dogs (Princess Cujo?) in the eternal quest for “dominance.” Read more…