German Soccer WAG Wows ‘Em In Playboy Shoot

As Cameron mentioned in this morning’s Speed Read, Giulia Siegel has generously graced the pages of this month’s German edition of PLAYBOY. As our mates over at THE SPOILER inform us, Giulia spends her time as a TV host, music DJ and celebrity reality show contestant.

Giulia Siegel


So how does Frau Siegel fit in with the sports world? Back in 2007, she allegedly had an affair with Oliver Kahn, long-time Bayern Munich & German national team goalkeeper. This would have been scandalous enough, but Ollie was already shacking up with a 21-year-old barmaid - and this after leaving his wife who was eight months pregnant.

But enough sordid stories. Time for some sordid pictures! (After the jump)

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