Unfortunate Video: So. Miss Receiver’s Leg Snaps

Is it me, or have there been an unusually inordinate number of gruesome leg-breaking incidents in football this season? Is it this new-fangled field turf? And, in the latest incident, Southern Miss’ DeAndre Brown was simply running a pattern by himself downfield when his leg decided it wanted to snap like a pretzel stick.

Deandre Brown

The organizers of the R+L Carriers New Orleans Bowl are pretty happy with all this, though, as it’s probably the only time anyone’s taken any time out of their day to talk about the game (which Southern Miss won over Troy, 30-27 in overtime).

Video, regrettably, after the jump.

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Oly Weightlifter Makes A Very Painful Wrong Turn

• An Hungarian weightlifter gets bent out of shape over a very painful lift.

Janos Baranyai weighlifter arm twist

• Players from Spain’s Olympic basketball team fail to see the harm done with their little slant-eyed photo op.

Chad Johnson might be taking this whole “Ocho Cinco” thing a bit too far.

• Those Nebraska wrestlers who had pics pop up on a gay porn site have been cut from the Cornhuskers squad.

• One day, you’re guarding the Olympic torch relay. The next day, you’re a heartthrob to millions of Chinese girls.

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