Ole Miss B-Ball Coach Beats Up Cincinnati Cabbie

• Ole Miss basketball coach Andy Kennedy returns to Cincinnati in grand fashion - by assaulting a cab driver with fists & racial slurs.

Andy Kennedy Ole Miss basketball coach

• Could we see Manny Ramirez in pinstripes before too long?

Eddy Curry has casually avoided a $41,000 bill from Casual Male.

• Ex-Hoosier Eric Gordon says drugs did in Indiana’s season last year.

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Clever Caption Contest: ‘Pops’ Pops A Question

Hey there, readers! Time for another SbB Clever Caption Contest!

Today, we feature Spurs coach Gregg Popovich chatting it up courtside:

Gregg Popvich

So, what’s Pops spouting off about? Submit your suggestions into the comments section linked below. Winner will be announced in the end-of-the-day recap, and a chance to win your own Norelco razor/Just For Men beard coloring gift pack.

Good luck, and good writing!

The Big Crispy Calls Spurs’ Popovich a “Coward”

Seeing as I love watching NBA basketball and occasionally patronizing Fatburger after 3am, I must say I’m going to miss seeing and hearing The Big Judas when he finally calls it quits on his teammates like in Miami last season.

Not Shaquille O'Neal At Fatburger

(This is in no way a portrayal of Shaquille O’Neal yes it is)

Goodness knows the world would be a much more boring place if it wasn’t for Shaq’s post-practice comments today out of Phoenix. The comments in which The Big Deceiver called 4-time NBA Champion Spurs Coach Gregg Popovich a “coward.” Oh yeah, he also called out his teammates in the same sitting for blowing defensive assignments in the club’s playoff loss to the Spurs last year - since of course, he deserved none of the blame.

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Gregg Popovich Idle-Minded About American Idol

Sometimes we, as learned primates of the Internet, forget that not everything we see on the web is necessarily known by everyone. For example, RickRolling? It’s kind of mainstream, but soccer moms and construction workers may not be in the know. But we’d figure American Idol would be a household name, right?

Gregg Popovich vs. American Idol

Spurs coach Gregg Popovich, prior to San Antonio’s first game against the Los Angeles Lakers in the NBA Western finals, was asked about the Idol finale which was held across the street from the Staples Center, where Game 1 was taking place. The answer … may alarm you:

“Is that where they dance with each other?”

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The Dump: There Can Never Be Too Much Berman

BUSTED COVERAGE says it has interviewed the YouTube poster who put up four of the five now-famous Chris Berman videos. It kind of reads like an interview with a 14-year-old athlete, and I have no way of verifying the authenticity, but it’s worth a look. You’re with me, beard.

Chris Berman

• Some guy in Georgia played 502 rounds of golf in 2007. Who is the lucky Mrs. Jim Mahoney?

THE WIZARD OF ODDS takes one more look at Kevin Hart, complete with video.

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Kansas Sports Site Says Mangino Cupcakes Served Their Purpose

• DEADSPIN has their cupcakes and eat them too, as this visage has been up on KUSports.com all day:

Mangino cupcakes

• As we told you earlier about Joe Paterno’s road rage, EVERY DAY SHOULD BE SATURDAY blares out the audio of JoePa’s overreaction. (It’s NSFW, so we know you’ll listen.)

• The NEW YORK TIMES looks for the mute button, as they are no fan of Chip Caray’s postseason announcing.

• THE GOLF CHANNEL earns their stripes, as Natalie Gublis can now give up the range balls:

Natalie Gulbis Photos

• UMPBUMP can’t sense the excitement in this year’s Cy Young race.

• MAVS FULL COURT PRESS witness a good ol’ Texas tongue shootout between NBA coaches Avery Johnson and Gregg Popovich.

• JOE SPORTS FAN does a little turn on the catwalk, as they show off the latest in hot NFL apparel - the sleveless mesh jersey:

Redskins fat sleveless mesh jersey

• GREEN BANDWAGON isn’t at a loss for words for these NBA Northwest Division slogans.

• THE NATIONAL ANTHEM BEFORE A CUBS GAME looks back on how the Music City Miracle was ruined by an off-key announcing crew.

• TV GUIDE says “auf weiderdsen” to Wayne Newton, but are Floyd & Mark the next Dancing Stars to bid adieu?

Mark Cuban Wayne Newton

• TIME takes a passing fancy at the latest upstart leagues to challenge the NFL.

• Hear what Da Coach really thinks, with the Mike Ditka Bodog podcast

Popovich Pops For Pricey Wine

• CNBC’s Darren Rovell spots Spurs coach Gregg Popovich popping for pricey wine in Paris:

Gregg Popovich Paris Wine

• Hey now, SI’s Arash Markazi, you’re an All-Star, get your game on, go play.

• PART MULE speaks now on the news that Terrell Owens doesn’t hold his peace at a Cabo wedding:

Terrell Owens French poster

• ASTROS DAILY has the story of Larry Yount, Robin’s brother who never got to play in a major league game.

• THE SPORTS HERNIA rocks the boat as Kenny Mayne’s Kayak-Cam is all wet:

Kenny Mayne Kayak

• GOLF BLOGGER notes that it takes a lot of balls to take a lot of balls.

• Baseball-reference.com has found a new fan in George Brett:

George Brett pine tar

• NBX SPORTS ACTION DAILY thinks Bud’s butt should be in the seats when Barry breaks the HR record.

• ASSIST NEWS SERVICE would like to see David Beckham go to church while he’s in LA:

Beckham Church

• ARMCHAIR GM needs your vote in selecting the best athlete & celebrity look-a-likes.

Tony Parker Likely To Spurn San Antonio To Follow Eva Longoria When Spurs Contract Expires

SURPRISE! PARKER PREDICTS MARRIAGE TO LAST 5 YEARS: SPORTS ILLUSTRATED reports Tony Parker, whose deal with the Spurs runs for four more seasons, said of his next NBA contract, “We need to live full time in the same city, so naturally my decision is going to be affected by Eva (Longoria) and her career.

Tony Parker Eva Longoria

Perhaps this comment might be a little disconcerting to Spurs fans, but take heart Alamoans, what are the odds the two will still be together then? About the same as Gregg Popovich signing a endorsement deal with Oil of Olay.

SI also reports Tony Parker’s first rap single has reached #2 on France’s new-music charts.

Tony Parker Video

As an accompaniment to the song, Parker dutifully fulfills the rap video quota of blinding bling, sunglasses indoors, fur coats, distractive lighting, but unfortunately no huge harlot hindquarters, which is surprising considering Eva Longoria’s downloadable derriere. Or as I call it, BVA (Best. Ass. Eva.):

Eva Longoria Butt Photo

I haven’t checked France’s hit list since this news broke, but let me guess what album is currently topping the charts:

Jerry Lewis


CHAMPALED: The ARIZONA REPUBLIC takes a look at how teams celebrate championships, from the baseball locker room champagne showers to the NFL’s more-polished on-field trophy presentations. Said Spurs coach Gregg Popovich about his stinging eyes after San Antonio won the NBA title in June: “You’d think the organization could buy some decent champagne.”

Another gem from Spurs coach and U.S. men’s b…

Another gem from Spurs coach and U.S. men’s basketball assistant coach Gregg Popovich: "I loved getting our butts kicked by Italy. I loved watching Puerto Rico hurt us. And losing to Lithuania. To me, that’s all about the education of this team as international players."