NBA To Get “Re-Ostertagged”? (Is That A Word?)

Quick: who’s #4 on the Utah Jazz’s all-time list of most games played? It goes John Stockton, Kark Malone, Mark Eaton, and… well, you probably already read the headline and figured it out. It’s one of the largest, slowest players in NBA history: the one, the only Greg Ostertag!

Arvydas Sabonis Greg Ostertag
(Awww, why are the glacial white guys playing against each other? They should be teaming up! When are we going to stop doing this to each other?)

We bring him up not because we merely like celebrating the dinosaurs of the league - though we do enjoy that - but because the Ostertag Era may not be over just yet. Despite not having played in years (and not having been especially productive while actually playing), Ostertag’s got his eyes on a comeback, right in his native land of Texas.

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SbB’s Many Shining Moments At The ‘08 Final Four

Wow, that was some national championship game, wasn’t it?

• The best part of last night’s title tilt - spotting Greg Ostertag afterwards.

Greg Ostertag Final Four Alamodome

• With March Madness finally over, will Bill Self & John Calipari be seeking employment elsewhere?

• Overall, the Final Four rocked - even if it really didn’t hip-hop.

• And who better to ease the Memphis Tigers’ pain than Jesse Jackson?

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SbB @ Final Four: The Greatest KU Jayhawk Of All

In the aftermath of KU blindsiding the Memphis Tigers last night, today we’re sure you’ll be hearing more about Bill Self’s flirtation with his alma mater, and Coach Cal’s previous insistence that that free throw thing really is overrated.

Memphis Tigers Elvis Fans Sing The Blues

(Singing the blues right about now)

We were at the game, and it was pretty damn thrilling. But not as exciting as our postgame experience.

KU's Mystery Man Final Four Alamodome

As we watched the video board play “One Shining Moment” with all the relieved (not excited) Kansas fans, we gazed up a rather tall gent wrapped in denim, boots and a ten gallon hat. Why, who could it be? Read more…