Greek Team Threatened To Kill Basketball Agent?

A visit to the U.S. by our friends on the Greek basketball club Olympiakos is always pleasant and heartwarming, and came this year with the usual exchange of gifts. We threatened to take their uniforms and other property, and they gave us death threats. See you again next year!


Olympiakos lost both of its exhibition games against NBA teams this week, then headed to the airport after narrowly avoiding having their property seized to settle an outstanding debt. Former American NBA player Chris Morris, who played with the Greek club in 1999, is still owed a boatload of money by the club, and his agent wanted to collect.

And one of Morris’ agents is also alleging that someone connected with Olympiakos phoned him and made a death threat. Which is always fun. Read more…

Greek Team To Offer Kobe Three Year $83M Deal

It looks like Josh Childress may not be the highest-paid player in Europe for long. In last Sunday’s NEW YORK TIMES, Olympiakos co-owner Panayiotis Angelopoulos issued a warning to NBA clubs thinking their players would stay stateside, saying (emphasis ours), “I think we’ll see a day when a superstar player comes to Europe, but to Olympiacos, not to another team,” he said. “That is my answer. Maybe it will be very soon. Maybe then you realize what I’m telling you is serious.”

Kobe Bryant smiling

Guess what? It appears that Olympiacos is, in fact, serious, as reports are surfacing that the club is preparing an offer for Kobe Bryant. We’re talking 60 million Euro (about $83 million right now) over 3 years. THE HOOP has more details on the perks of the contract, and they are pretty damned nice:

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Greece Is The Word For Atlanta’s Josh Childress?

Josh Childress is apparently so fed up with the Hawks, he’s willing to flee the country & play in Greece rather than spend another season in Atlanta.

Josh Childress Atlanta Hawks stretching

YAHOO SPORTS’ Adrian Wojnarowski reports that the free-agent forward is strongly considering a contract from Greek basketball club Olympiakos, and the money being offered to Josh could sure buy a whole lot of gyros.

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