Mayfield’s Meth Defense Rests On Phony Doctor

Remember, if you will, that NASCAR’s Jeremy Mayfield was busted under the league’s substance abuse policy for a positive drug test that has been confirmed to indicate methamphetamines. In Mayfield’s resultant lawsuit, his case relies heavily upon NASCAR’s drug testing, with an expert witness calling the entire procedure’s integrity into question.

Doctor Nick
(”Hi, everybody!”)

One tiny problem with Mayfield’s defense: his expert witness is probably a bigger fraud than Springfield’s own Dr. Nick (and, in all likelihood, not as jovial). NASCAR’s lawyers unloaded a monster of a motion in court today, systematically dissecting every aspect of Dr. Harvey MacFenerstein*’s resume. If they’re right, Mayfield’s attorneys are either blind stupid… or putting together the most subtly brilliant plea of ignorance we’ve ever seen.

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