Drunk Naked Guy Challenges Neighbor To Karate

It’s a beautiful summer day, and you’re out in the yard with your kids and a couple of friends, just enjoying a nice, relaxing day. Then, suddenly, a man appears with a challenge. Although, this is not just any man, and not just any challenge.

drunk karate guy

It’s your drunk neighbor, he’s naked, and he wants to fight you, karate-style. If you were lucky enough to be in the Gettysburg, Pennsylvania area last August, you might have seen this glorious display for yourself. Unsurprisingly, the man’s offer to exchange floppy roundhouse kicks went unfulfilled, and naked karate will be the least of his worries for the next month.

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Beijing Olympic Ceremonies Strip Show Revealed

More insight into the perfectionism demanded by Beijing Olympics officials as we discover that the fetching young lasses that led the Olympians into the Opening Ceremony earlier this month (and doesn’t that seem like ages ago now?) could not even be considered for their honored role without shaking off all their clothes and being measured from every angle.

Bob Barker and his ladies

(Just another example of China stealing our processes)

On the other hand, at least they got to defecate in the traditional Chinese pit, unlike the 900 soldiers toting the banner around that made up much of the Ceremony. Since they had to stay put for the entire ceremony (from prep through last citizen out), they received adult diapers for their convenience. Just adding to the pollution scent, we suppose.
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Blue Jays Fan Nekkid as a Jaybird in Hotel Suite

We can say with certainty that we’ve learned at least one fact about ourselves in our SPORTSbyBROOKS career: we want to party in Toronto at least once before we shuffle off this mortal coil. Between the drunken streaker-lites, the raucous fans, and the readily available strippers, we’re pretty sure we could find many ways to fail with NAFTA pickup lines.

Toronto Blue Jays topless fan

And let’s not forget the topless women in the Renaissance Hotel attached to the Rogers Centre, home of the Blue Jays. The OTTAWA SUN didn’t and snapped a quick pic of just such a thing last weekend. We have remarkably few conversations like the one pictured at baseball games, but again… we don’t party in Toronto.
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