Is Car Racing Ready For Stunning ‘Hippie Chick’?

Will someone give Leilani Munter a ride? And no, I don’t mean in that way, you perverts. I mean, as in a shot at big-time racing? We first noticed her several years ago, as a stunning former photo double for Catherine Zeta-Jones turned fledgling race car driver. And she was able to gain some fame with a reality dating show on Speed.

Leilani Munter

(It’s not easy being green … and red-hot)

But that hasn’t turned into success on the track. As the blog THAT’S RACIN’ notes, she’s being forced to shuttle between ARCA stock car and Indy Light races this season as she keeps hoping to get her shot at the big time - one she hopes will turn her into the next Danica Patrick. But it’s not just about her; she wants her fame and on-track success to promote environmental activism. As anyone who has seen the gas-guzzling RVs at auto races knows, that’s hardly a concern for most fans.

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