Joe Maddon May Need to Practice Writing Lineups

Joe Maddon, the manager of the reigning American League champs, has received a bit of a reputation of being the smartest guy in the room, especially in his own mind. If that’s the case, he may want to keep a lower profile after today to avoid hearing any nasty retorts like, “At least I didn’t screw up the lineup card so badly that the pitcher had to hit for himself in an AL game.”

Corrected lineup card from Tampa Bay Rays-Cleveland Indians game

Unfortunately for the stunt double for Gene Hackman from The Conversation, Maddon, his “quality assurance coach”, and his bench coach all missed that Maddon listed Evan Longoria and Ben Zobrist at third base and failed to list a DH.  Therefore, starting pitcher Andy Sonnanstine had to bat for himself in the third slot in the order.

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Australian Agent Loves The Child Pornography

In the movie “Jerry Maguire”, Tom Cruise plays a sports agent named, oddly enough, Jerry Maguire. He gets fired from the big agency he works for and starts his own company in which his only client is an Arizona Cardinals receiver named Rod Tidwell. Jerry then spends the entire movie killing himself to do everything he can to help Tidwell get the big contract he wants, and he does it all ethically. He also falls in love with some scrunchy faced chick with a kid. Anyway, I just want to make sure you understand that agents like this don’t exist.


In reality agents would throw their own mother in front of a train if it meant getting a “personal toilet” clause thrown into their client’s contract. In fact, I’m pretty sure Scott Boras has actually done this. Anywhoo, the “good” news is that sleazy agents aren’t just an American phenomenon and they exist in other countries as well. Like in Australia where agents not only lie to their clients, but they also get busted for child pornography.

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