City Bureaucrats Determined To Keep Visors Clear

There’s a reason that rules and laws exist. We get that. Sure, sometimes we chafe under the authority of bosses or government or society, but without rules and laws, our perfect little society would devolve into some bizarre violent scene out of Waterworld, with roving gangs of urine-drinking Kevin Costners wreaking havoc on the post-apocalyptic landscape. There is no in between.

Albino kid football player


But sometimes, man…sometimes rules are just stupid. Like, really stupid. Like, “it’s-illegal-to-hunt-camels-in-Arizona” stupid (no, that’s not actually the law). See that kid right there? That’s 12-year-old Graham Bartunek, and all he wants to do is play football.  But unfortunately, the stupid rules of the Oconomowoc (WI) Department of Parks and Recreation are getting in the way. Sometimes, rules were made to be broken.

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