19-Year-Old Charged With Stealing Sizemore Pics

Joy Powell of the MINNEAPOLIS STAR-TRIBUNE reports that a 19-year-old Minneapolis woman has been charged with stealing nude photos of Grady Sizemore from the Sizemore’s Playboy Playmate model girlfriend, Brittany Binger.

Grady Sizemore Brittany Binger

(Password Allegedly Hacked To Steal Sizemore Photos)

The suspect, Leah M. Ayers, was “charged on Tuesday with breaking into a model’s e-mail account and stealing racy photos of Cleveland Indians baseball player Grady Sizemore, which were widely posted on the Internet last year.”

Ayers has officially been charged with two counts of unauthorized computer access, which is a classified as a gross misdemeanor in Dakota County, Minnesota.

So how did Ayers allegedly hack into Binger’s email account? The cops went CSI on the case. Read more…

Bloggie Doggie: Even Erin Couldn’t Save The Bee

Erin Andrews was supposed to sexify the National Spelling Bee, but THE GRAND NATIONAL CHAMPIONSHIPS says that didn’t happen.

Erin Andrews gets the pageviews

(If I didn’t share a picture of her, you wouldn’t have paid attention to this post.)

• Player access? What problem with player access? The NEW YORK TIMES’ Tyler Kepner gets an impromptu crash course on sweet spot hitting from Orioles slugger Luke Scott.

Don Walker of the MILWAUKEE JOURNAL-SENTINEL’s BUCKS BLOG wonders if there’s a discrepancy between the Bucks reported revenue and the actual revenue. Read more…

Blog-O-Rama: Steve Nash Can Still Take A Licking

• BASKETBAWFUL knows Steve Nash can take a licking - especially now that he’s in creepy bobblepop form:

Steve Nash bobblepop

How would Mr. Owl handle this one?

• ESTSN barks up news that an NFL player has some sick pit bulls to give away, and it’s not who you think.

• DC SPORTS BOG catches word that Redskins TE Chris Cooley is starting his own blog.

Read more…

Mark Cuban Rooting For Red Sox Now That Cubs Are Finished

W/CUBS EXIT, CUBAN DANCES OVER TO RED SOX NATION: After his beloved snake-bit Cubbies had slithered out of the playoffs, Mark Cuban has danced his way onto the Red Sox bandwagon:

Red Sox Girl Mark Cuban dancing

The BOSTON HERALD caught up with the Maverick owner, who said that all his teams were already out of the MLB postseason. But the “Dancing With the Stars” contestant didn’t side-step the issue of who we was rooting for now:

I know Mr. (John) Henry, and he’s a good man. I know some of of the Cleveland folks, too, but I’m going to put my votes behind the Red Sox.”

Turns out Cuban’s not the only Sawx fan on the show. Host Tom Bergeron was “thrilled to see the Yankees go down in defeat,” and added that his hometown team looked good enough for their “second World Series win.”

When reminded that Boston claimed a fair share of championships pre-1918, Bergeron corrected himself that it was the second “for those of us who aren’t 102.”

Poor Cleveland. First, LeBron wears the enemy helmet, now the Indians can’t get any love from the Dancing Fools. Will some pseudo-celebrity please stand up for the Tribe?

Drew Carey slot machine

Maybe Drew Carey can give a shout-out to Grady Sizemore & pals when he starts on “The Price Is Right” on Monday.

Rick Ankiel-Mania Mark Cuban Gives In Grady Sizemore Whiffes

• DEADSPIN gets all twisted in Ankiel-Mania:

Rick Ankiel

• LARRY BROWN SPORTS throws in the towel upon hearing that Mark Cuban would let his team lose in certain situations.

• FAN IQ checks the personals, as Michael Vick is running out of friends.

• The ELYRIA (OH) CHRONICLE-TELEGRAM has a full (ac)count of Grady Sizemore whiffing against a 7-year-old:

Grady Sizemore Whiffleball

• Now that Barry has passed* Hank, THE BIG LEAD wonders what’s Pedro Gomez to do?

• AWFUL ANNOUNCING notes the NBA has unleashed yet another new slogan.

• The ORANGE COUNTY REGISTER beef-tips us news that Luke Walton will have another chance to get burned, as Bill’s boy will appear at a BBQ restaurant grand opening:

Luke Walton BBQ

• The COLUMBIA (SC) STATE trades in o-lines for octaves, as a former South Carolina football player tries out for “American Idol”.

• TRUE HOOP is not pleased knowing the Sonics may soon skedattle from Seattle for Sooner Country.

• CBS SPORTSLINE does a 1040 in reporting that Darryl Strawberry is once again in trouble with the IRS:

Darryl Strawberry IRS

• ANGRY T is walking tall in presenting the big kids of the little league.

• SPORTSQUEE wishes more NFL players were like Warrick Dunn.

White Sox Fan Ryan Drop Once Again Popped For Public Masturbation

CHISOX FAN DOESN’T MEASURE UP TO GRADY SIZEMORE: The appropriately named DICKSON (TN) HERALD reports that Franklin (TN) Police have arrested our favorite Chicago White Sox fan, 23-year-old Ryan Drop, “for the second time on charges of indecent exposure regarding alleged public masturbation.

White Sox Masturbator

Drop was popped by police (Grady Sizemore fans?) last week at “The Factory at Franklin shopping complex on Franklin Road, where police responded to a complaint that he was masturbating in a store.

Drop similarly was arrested last December and charged after reports stated that he was masturbating at an area JoAnn fabric store. And you’ll be relieved to know an “emergency probation violation warrant was issued to Drop, who is being held without bond in the Williamson County Jail.

Phew, that means our weekend jaunt to the BallMall is a go!

Packer Arrested Kobe To Knicks Chris Berman Nickname

• HOOPSWORLD believes that if the Lakers actually did unload Kobe, the New York Knicks would have the best shot to upload Bryant:

Kobe Knicks

• WORLDGOLF digs out the news of Chris Berman picking a new nickname for U.S. Open 3rd Round leader Aaron Baddeley.

• Pacman has some company: Green Bay Packers LB Nick Barnett was arrested for a disturbance at an Appleton, WI, nightclub on Sunday:

Nick Barnett beer

Although the club was “Wet”, no word if Barnett made it rain.

• MONEY PLAYERS pecks out the word that some South Carolina Gamecocks are in trouble with the SEC - no, not that SEC, this one.

• Eric Wilbur of the BOSTON SPORTS BLOG cotinues to question the sanity of J.D. Drew’s long-term contract with the Red Sox:

JD Drew Quiet Riot

• YOU’VE BEEN BLINDED sadly informs us that if you were looking to rent Tom Brady’s condo for $60,000/month, you’re too late.

• BOBBY SKETCH will have you know that Grady Sizemore goes ga-ga over the girlies:

Grady Sizemore Alyssa Milano

• Speaking of the ladies, The TIMES OF NORTHWEST INDIANA reports on high school basketball coach Brenda Drook, as she prepares to lead the *boys* team in the upcoming season.

• OT LOOSE BALLS adds insult to injury as they pile on to the misery of Cleveland pro sports.

Letter to the Editor of the TAMPA TRIBUNE: …

Letter to the Editor of the TAMPA TRIBUNE:
"I can’t believe you didn’t lambaste the Indy 500 winner for draping himself in a British flag on Memorial Day.
"If it wasn’t for the U.S. servicemen who died in Europe, Dan Wheldon would be speaking German. The race officials and Andretti Green Racing should apologize for that The TOLEDO BLADE reports a jealous boyfriend killed his girlfriend (and then committed suicide) because she had earned fame as the founder of the Grady Sizemore fan club.

The coward’s myspace account includes a chilling survey called "Tell Me About Yourself".

One question asks, "How do you want to Die?" The murderous moron’s ironic response: "By saving someone’s life."

The survey also asks what are "Your Fears?" The killer’s answer: "Being Alone."

No kidding.

There’s also now a long list of condolent messages on the murder victim’s myspace page. Heartbreaking.

The CLEVELAND PLAIN DEALER notes Indians out…

The CLEVELAND PLAIN DEALER notes Indians outfielder Grady Sizemore’s "good looks, parlayed with a relentless style of play that incorporates a combination of power and speed, have made him as marketable as anyone on the team." Midway through last season the club began hawking women’s T-shirts that read "Mrs. Sizemore," and sold 600 in six days. Possible reason: GRADY SIZEMORE’s recent cameo in an adult film based on Sanford & Son.