Were Loose Shoes To Blame For Big Brown Lot?

Most folks still haven’t come to grips with Big Brown’s last-place finish at the Belmont last month. The horse had a Phil Mickelson-ish collapse down the stretch that has gone completely unexplained–until now?

Big Brown with his jolly red

Extreme close-up photos of one of Brownie’s horseshoes may provide the clue for why the equine failed to perform. Read more…

Gotta Be the Shoes, Donaghy; Now Pay for Them

We hope we never bring David Stern’s coffee with one too many sugars or collate his Q3 report out of order or, you know, accuse him and his league of game-tampering. If we do, we can pretty much count on spending the rest of our lives earning money to pay back The Commish for our temerity.

David Stern Tim Donaghy

We knew the NBA had upped the ante in their civil suit against disgraced former referee Tim Donaghy on Thursday, but the details of the latest cut into Donaghy’s flesh with Stern’s legal knife have just been revealed and they couldn’t be more petty without the Heartbreakers.

To wit, David Stern wants Tim Donaghy to pay the NBA back for all of his meals, complimentary tickets, airfare expenses, and… oh, all the shoes the league gave him over the last three years. Tim, you may want to open your mail for the rest of your life with a flamethrower. Just in case.

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