Dara Torres And Her Milk Mustache: Would You?

The United Milk Council or whatever the hell they’re called (apparently it’s the “National Milk Processor Board”) recently released a Milk Mustache promotion starring Dara Torres. Observe:

Dara Torres milk ad

(”Dairy Torres”! Now there’s a zinger!)

So. A 41-year-old mother of two looking like that. Normally when you think of women in their 40s showing off, it’s in those quasi-fake-reality “Milf Hunter” videos where… [Dude. Can we go one post without you talking about your addiction to pornography?–ed.] Sorry. Can’t help it sometimes. [Just stay on topic, that’s all we’re asking.–ed.]

Anyway, Dara’s looking insanely fit, but is that your thing?

Dara Torres: would you?

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