Wrigley Fans Do Not Enjoy Charlie Weis’ Singing

• The Friendly Confines aren’t so friendly toward Charlie Weis’ singing.

Charlie Weis Cubs Horry Kow

Because Cubs fans certainly know what’s tasteful & what isn’t.

• Smog, human rights abuses, slow internet connection with too many banned sites - the Beijing Olympics will have it all!

Tony Stewart once again demonstrates his cool trackside manner.

• Two MMA fighters get attacked & Tasered in a robbery attempt by a bunch of Canadians? What’s that all aboot?

• An assistant football coach quits after his players egg his car & home.

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BBC Goes Ape Over Gorillaz’s Olympic Characters

With the potential of complete indifference by the British viewing public, the BBC is trying to perk up its Olympic broadcasts by introducing some very animated characters, courtesy of Gorillaz.

BBC Olympics Gorillaz Monkey King

THE 700 LEVEL introduces us to this new cartoon collective created by the British band in order to get more English eyeballs glued to the Beeb during the goings on in Beijing. Let’s see - there’s the Monkey King, Sandy, Pigsby and the Sand Monk.

So, how did these creatures all come together? The video after the jump should explain. (Well, at least the animation looks pretty cool.) Read more…