Forget Couture - MMA Now Has A Real Superhero

Last weekend’s MMA fight between Randy Couture and Brock Lesnar was pitted as a bout between good and evil, with Couture playing the role of G.I. Joe and Lesnar aptly playing the villain (hey, it’s easy to be a villain when you have a penis tattoo). The whole metaphor collapsed meekly when Lesnar dropped Couture because hey, who really wants to root for a villain? Or who wants to root for a villain outside of the Bronx? Well, now MMA has a real hero, as Croatian UFC star Goran Reljic woke up to a car crash and immediately saved the lives of two men who had crashed into icy water.


(Goran Reljic: Undefeated lifesaver)

Yup, it’s a true story, as first reported in FANHOUSE via a translation of Croatian newspaper SLOBODNA DALMACIJA. It turns out that Reljic was in bed when the crash occurred, jumped out of his seaside home — while still wearing his underwear, mind you — and swam to the car, where he broke the car’s passenger window with a punch and pulled the driver and swam to safety.

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