Brog: The Other Golic Loses a Mike Greenberg

For a time I worked at now-defunct KMPC-AM in Los Angeles, which was an all sports outlet in Los Angeles that also served as the USC football and basketball flagship. Former Cleveland Brown and L.A. Raider nose tackle (and Saved By The Bell cast member!) Bob Golic co-hosted the pm drive show on the station with Chris Myers, and I often filled in on the show, appearing on-air with Golic.

Bob Golic Loses 140 pounds in 8 months

It was kinda cool working with Bob, considering I grew up in a Notre Dame family (dad, brother, cousins are alums). I remember well watching him outwit Earl Campbell and the Texas Longhorns in the Cotton Bowl as middle linebacker of the 1978 national champion Fighting Irish.

Even before I worked with him, I always thought Golic had the potential to be a solid sports talk guy, like his brother Mike. But at KMPC, Bob never really seemed to bring the daily intensity needed for the job. I often thought to myself during that time that perhaps Golic’s weight was a factor. Bob was huge, and always seemed to be tired, on and off-air. So I was happy to recently see that Golic, who has since located back to the Cleveland area, has dropped 140 pounds in eight months! The local media is all over the story, both print and electronic (scroll down).

The best part? Unlike his brother Mike, who looks like he lost about 25 lbs for a Nutrisystem endorsement by eating sawdust cereal for a week (and then gaining it all back?), Bob apparently dropped the lbs on his own. (So we’re spared the on-air, slow-motion horseplay with sansabelted Dan Marino.) Read more…