Daly Explains Incident, Sleeps With Eyes Open?

The ASSOCIATED PRESS tracks down John Daly for an explanation of his drunken episode last week that ended in a North Carolina jail. And just as we all thought, the entire incident was a complete misunderstanding!

John Daly

“Nothing is going right in my life right now,” Daly said in a
telephone interview Sunday. “I’m going through a hell of a divorce. I
haven’t seen my son. It was an unfortunate incident, but it’s a joke
what people are saying. I take full responsibility for what happened,
but it wasn’t that big of a deal.”

According to Daly, the problem started when the driver of his private bus saw him “sleeping” with his eyes wide open at 2am. The driver then called 911, and that’s when the fun started. Read more…

John Daly Passes Out At Hooters, Ends Up Jailed

WFMY-TV in Winston-Salem, NC. and TMZ update us on the the very latest John Daly out-of-control drinking escapade:

John Daly’s battle with alcohol abuse continued Sunday morning at a Hooters Restaurant on Hanes Square Circle in Winston-Salem. Someone at the restaurant called EMS after he lost consciousness. Paramedics say Daly refused to go to the hospital so they called for help from police.”

John Daly

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Officers described Daly as extremely intoxicated and uncooperative. He repeated he didn’t want to go to the hospital. Hooters employees asked Daly to leave. But Daly did not have transportation. Officers say he was part of a group traveling on a tour bus. The group left Daly behind at the Hooters because they didn’t want him to continue traveling with them.

So where did John have left to go? Jail, that’s where! Read more…