Meet Anna Rawson’s Cute GoDaddy TV Ad Co-Star

We were all excited when Anna Rawson at long last made her televised debut as a spokesbabe for GoDaddy.Com. Although it was great to see Anna bust her commercial acting chops, some questions still remained.

Anna Rawson Brenna Sakas

For example, what happened next in the ad? In order to do so, you have to go to GoDaddy’s site to see the exciting conclusion. So check it out, and make sure you hold your sides firmly to keep them from splitting from hilarious laughter.

But the real question is - who’s Anna’s good-looking golf partner?

(Mystery answered plus plenty o’ photos after the jump.)

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Anna Rawson Makes Her GoDaddy Girl TV Debut

• It’s finally here: Anna Rawson’s first TV commercial as a GoDaddy Girl.

Anna Rawson

Tom Brady & Gisele Bundchen are six months away from unleashing Superbaby onto our world.

• Count Brendan Haywood among those who aren’t pleased about Donte’ Stallworth’s light sentence. But Plaxico probably isn’t as judgmental.

• Wimbledon is worried about potentially massive match-fixing.

• Hard to believe it’s been 15 years since O.J.’s most memorable run.

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Video: Anna Rawson’s First GoDaddy Commercial

Is Danica Patrick played out? It seems sudden, being that she’s still on the rise in her young IRL career and her commercials are still popular. But lo and behold, there’s two ladies in the latest GODADDY.COM commercial… and neither of them are her.

GoDaddy Anna Rawson
(Oh! Oh! They’re looking at each other like that! Something might happen!)

On the left is… some random GoDaddy eye candy. More importantly, on the right is the lovely Anna Rawson, a fixture of the LPGA & newest GoDaddy Girl. In a commercial that was supposed to air today before Bethpage Black was turned into the bottom of the ocean, Rawson and her ladypal are playing golf, when all of a sudden… oh, just watch for yourself on the video, which we’re pretty sure you can’t find anywhere else on the Internet yet (okay, technically, DEVIL BALL GOLF beat us by a day) after the break.

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Hyundai Might Pull SB Ads; More Adriana Instead?

The WALL STREET JOURNAL reports that Hyundai is thinking about pulling it’s ads from the Super Bowl.

Hyundai Picasso

The South Korean auto maker is fearful their spots might rub some prospective buyers the wrong way. Not because of any racy content or wardrobe malfunctions, but because of concerns about a stagnating economy.

Hyundai believes that “taking out high-priced ads in this environment might rub some consumers the wrong way.”

Well, it didn’t bother Allstate when they sponsored the BCS Championship game in Louisiana - where many hurricane insurance claims are still unpaid.

If Hyundai decides to pull out but Fox can’t find any new ad buyers, the spots will have to air. However, as the WSJ points out, “Given the high demand for ad time, Fox would likely be able to sell the slots at an even higher price.”

And we have a good idea what viewers are hoping to see instead.

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