Photo: Delonte’s Rebound Plays For Cougar Town

Photo of Delonte West with his old girlfriend at a D.C. club last weekend:

Delonte West New Girlfriend Is Another Cougar

I’ve been told the two met just recently and have been inseparable ever since.

If only this photo had been taken a couple days earlier, perhaps Michael Beasley’s career could’ve been saved.

Now for a former girlfriend: Read more…

A Sign LeBron’s Mom Took Cream In Her Coffee?

Delonte West apparently knew what LeBron James mom Gloria liked:

Huggy's Coffee Shop in Cleveland Gloria Will Miss Delonte Photo

Get your mind out of the gutter. (Only that she took cream in her coffee.)

If only the good people of LeBron’s hometown were so kind. Behold Akron’s highest civil dishonor:

Akron Hates LeBron Sign Photo

How do I know the sign is real? Note the rust. Read more…

Holy Mother: Dwyane Wade Buys Church For Mom

Many NBA superstars like to use their financial fame to buy gifts for their families - houses, cars, meals at The Cheesecake Factory and other such goods. But how many players can say they’ve bought their mom a church?

Dwyane Wade with mom Jolinda

Stefano Esposito of the CHICAGO SUN-TIMES gives praise to Dwyane Wade for helping his mother Jolinda open up a new house of the Lord on the Windy City’s South Side. Read more…

LeBron’s Quite Glad Monday Wasn’t Mother’s Day

Monday night, LeBron James had a special belated Mother’s Day message for his dear ol’ mama standing courtside - SIT DOWN!

LeBron James yelling at mom courtside

During the 2nd quarter of last night’s Game 4, the king Cavalier became entangled with Paul Pierce, and the Celtic offered his own holiday greeting by hugging LeBron and dragging him out of bounds.

Well, Paul should have watched where he going, as Gloria didn’t appreciate how he was harassing her little boy (with video after the jump):

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