Michigan State Suspends Eight Over Dorm Attack

The Michigan State student newspaper STATE NEWS reports this afternoon that Michigan State football coach Mark Dantonio suspended eight Spartan players indefinitely today as campus police continue an investigation into a dorm attack November 22.

Report: Michigan State Football Players Stormed Dorm, Injured Women

Police have identified 10 suspects from the incident and are looking into leads relating to five additional people, a release from the university stated. Police identified the suspects by talking with witnesses and reviewing video tape from Rather Hall. The State News filed a Freedom of Information Request on Monday seeking the video footage.

Players B.J. Cunningham, Mark Dell, Ashton Leggett, Chris L. Rucker, Fred Smith, Brynden Trawick, Ishmyl Johnson and Jamiihr Williams were all cited in a school press release today as being identified at the site of the attack at Rather Hall.

Cunningham, Dell and Rucker are starters.

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Surprise! Michigan State Kicks 2 Players Off Team

Earlier today, I reported the Michigan State student paper reporting an attack on a Michigan State dorm that left seven people injured, including women. Some of the attackers were alleged to be Michigan State football players.

Glenn Winston Roderick Jenrette Kicked Off Michigan State Football Team

(No, Sparty, No!)

This afternoon, Michigan State football coach Mark Dantonio kicked players Glenn Winston and Roderick Jenrette off the team “for violation of team rules.”

It isn’t yet known if Winston and/or Jenrette were involved in the attack, but if they weren’t that’s a pretty amazing coincidence.

UPDATE: THE STATE NEWS has background on Winston and Jenrette and you’ll be shocked to find out that Winston recently served four month in jail for assault after an “altercation” with the MSU hockey team. Read more…

Spartan RB Loses Freedom… But Not Scholarship

Last month, Michigan State suspended tailback Glenn Winston for his role in an on-campus fight back in December. Well, wait, that doesn’t accurately describe what Winston did. He sent a fellow athlete to the hospital with serious head injuries. This A) places his fighting skills above 95% of traditional athletes, who specialize in woofing and slapfighting, and B) pissed the law off beyond belief.

Glenn Winston
(Unfortunately, Winston could not seduce his way out of this mess, try as he might.)

He eventually pled guilty to two misdemeanor assault charges, one of which was aggravated, and given six months of jail time. That’s six months where he loses his place, his car, his stuff, his boys, his family, and his freedom. What he won’t lose, though, is his scholarship.

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