Sacramento Kings Middle Finger Team Photo

KINGS DON’T EVER FINGER-POINT (OK, MAYBE SOMETIMES): We remember the good ol’ days here in Los Angeles, when Shaq and Kobe ruled the NBA’s fruited plain, and the Sacto Kings were legitimate league contenders.

Sacramento Kings Flip Off The Camera

Both teams have since fallen off the map, but like anything in life, priorities change. If you, like Kings Owner Gavin Maloof, were holding a Brazilian bikini *fashion show* at a housewarming party for your new 12,000 square foot manse, would you care about Quincy Douby’s latest box score line either?

Blogs: Wyoming Football Coach Flips Off Utah After 43-0 Onside Kick

• THE WIZARD OF ODDS fingers Wyoming coach Joe Glenn saluting Utah for their 43-0 onside kick:

Wyoming coach finger

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• GOING FIVE HOLE won’t touch that dial, as NHL commish Gary Bettman will be co-hosting a satellite radio show:

Gary Bettman

• LARRY BROWN SPORTS thinks its time for Karl Dorrell to ride out of Westwood, but they wouldn’t be thrilled with gunslinger Mike Leach stepping in the UCLA coaching shoes.• RAWLINGS pitches out their 2007 Golden Glove winners.