Introducing One Of The Worst People On Earth

You know, there have been a lot of stories in the news over the last few years about female high school teachers and coaches having sexual relationships with their male students, and as men, we kind of approve of the whole thing. As beings who are wired to do nothing with their lives but have sex — women, not nature, make us do everything else — we feel a sense of pride in the kid for bedding his teacher. Even if she’s ugly.

Howard Avery

We forget, however, what the teachers really are taking of these students. It’s a double standard and one we should really think about reassessing. Unless your Howard Avery.  If you’re Howard Avery you think the double standard should be eliminated so that men could do the same thing to young girls. Thankfully, it isn’t.

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12-Yr-Old Girl Banned From Boys’ Hoops League

There’s a twelve-year old girl in Oregon that’s already received a full scholarship offer to play basketball at Oregon State.

Jaime Nared girls basketball

For a year, Jaime Nared played basketball with the boys in her age group. And then she was kicked off the team. Read more…