Photos Of Lindy Slinger, Brady Quinn Girlfriend, Posted Online

BQ GRABS CROTCHES; TOO BAD THEY AREN’T OF FEMALES: Lotsa slap-happy fun with Brady Quinn emerging from the ether today.

Lindy Slinger Photos Brady Quinn

KISSING SUZY KOLBER has a hit piece on Brady Quinn’s gal pal, Lindy Slinger. Shockingly, some of her jealous back stabbing acquaintances claim that she is … brace yourself … a slut!

More interesting and amusing is this photo unearthed by KSK, and the accompanying caption:

Brady Quinn Mustard Ketchup

And lest you think the corporate-cubicled folks at AOL are sticks in the mud, AOL Fanhouse posts more pics from BQ’s apparent bi-curious days.

Brady Quinn Crotch Grabbing Photos