Celtics Fans Continue to Frighten Us: Gino! Edition

We were lost in one of those YouTube excursions recently that inevitably led to watching 45 minutes of Peter Cetera and then searching for video instructions on building a time machine to prevent him from ruining Chicago which led to an hour of watching Mr. Peabody and Sherman and so on until you’re down the rabbit hole and your family lights a candle in vigil for your return.

And that’s when we found this:

We became disoriented, confused, and possibly self-soiled by the combination of white people attempting some kind of disco move imitating the American Bandstand clip on the scoreboard, Celtics and Bulls players ignoring the coach (wise in both cases), and the prevalence of men wearing a shirt simply stating, “Gino.”

We did what we always do in cases of Boston Sports Fan Culture Shock: we turned to our trusted Boston sports expert, Texas Gal of OUT IN CENTER FIELD. We’re no less disoriented and no one’s changed our adult diaper, but we’re less confused now.

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