Gina Carano Loses Towel For Her Latest Weigh-In

Gina Carano is headlining an MMA card for something called “Strikeforce” in San Jose tonight that Steve Cofield of YAHOO SPORTS calls, “the biggest fight in women’s MMA history.”

Gina Carano Loses Towel (And Weight) For Weigh-In

(Got you thinking about if Gina really did do that sex tape?)

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But as you might expect, the most intense part of the media coverage was the uncoverage of Carano at Friday’s weigh-in.

Gina Carano naked weigh-in

(Humiliation helped Gina get her act together this time?)

Carano has had serious issues in the past making her 145-pound limit. But this time she came in two pounds underweight, which is a far cry when she had to get nekkid for her big fight last year on CBS.

Gina Carano Party Photos Tonya Evinger

Perhaps Carano is cleaning up her act outside the Octagon led to the lighter weight? (Video of weigh-in after the jump.)

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Gina Carano Sex Tape Revealed: Wanna Watch?

Yahoo MMA Blogger Steve Cofield reports today that a MMA Fighter named Kit Cope is claiming he made a sex tape with Gina Carano and that it’s in a “very safe place.”

Gina Carano Sex Tape

(Anon Dude: Got Tetanus?)

Carano broke up with Cope two years ago, so like you, I’m flabbergasted he didn’t destroy the private porno the minute she walked out the door. Right, uh-huh.

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Gina Carano Tonya Evinger on bed

(Prequel already in the can?)

With Carano now a major MMA celebrity, the long-discarded Cope is now attempting to exact revenge on her by touting the tape to anyone who will listen.


“There is media that’s in a very safe place. She’s so worried about that too,” Cope then mentioned that Carano really wasn’t all that special intimately. “I just need to add, I’ve smashed a lot finer than that.”

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