If Anyone Is To Fart On Favre, It Will Be Brown

Lunar space landing. Beatles on Ed Sullivan. Final episode of M*A*S*H. Johnny Carson’s last show. All seminal moments in the history of television. I’m pleased to report today that you can now, offcially add another eminent epoch in small screen time to that distinguished list:

Gilbert Brown wants to fart on Brett Favre

(Brown’s eye-watering account invoked visions of Bojangle’s Chili Bar)

Gilbert Brown’s Friday guest appearance with Jay Crawford on ESPN’s First Take. (Thank you YBB)

Scene-setter: To no one’s surprise, former Favre teammate Brown’s sentimentality most likely made eyes water in the audience.

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If Only Owners Had Chipped In Unlimited Salad Bar

After retirement, the beloved Gilbert Brown of the Green Bay Packers didn’t just become a businessman; he’s a business, man. He has investments in racing in Milwaukee, among other ventures. He even continued in football, taking the reins as head coach of the new Continental Indoor Football League franchise in Milwaukee.

Gilbert Brown Packers

That is, until today. The general manager of the Milwaukee Bonecrushers and every member of the coaching staff, including the Gravedigger himself, quit yesterday because of the cheap nature of the owners.
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NFL Camera Guys Don’t Appreciate Your Snowball

Question: Why did the NFL schedule the NFC championship game as a night game? Why not stage the AFC game on Saturday afternoon and the NFC Game on Sunday afternoon? Or start the AFC game earlier so the Packers-Giants game wouldn’t be played in sub-zero temperatures? (yeah, we know about the TV ratings/money thing)

Packers Fans Wearing Cheese Bras

We’re not worried about the players, we’re worried about the fans (who drink to much and wear too little).

Oh yeah, and the cameramen. USA TODAY has a note today Bob Wishnie, who will be manning the moving cart along the sideline for Sunday night’s game - and his profoundly preventive method of dress.

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