Giants Self-Destruct, Giants Fans Destroy Porsche

File this one under “what have you done for me lately?” Obviously having learned their techniques from their Philadelphia brethren, Giants fans took out their aggression after Sunday’s loss on anything they could find. And unfortunately, they found some cars left in the parking lot. And had a baseball bat lying around.

Carl Giants

Rule #1: if you must drive your Porsche Coupe to Giants Stadium, don’t park in the general lot. Rule #2: it’s probably not the best idea to leave it there overnight. THE 700 LEVEL has dug up video of Giants fans taking out their frustrations on the Porsche and an SUV, and if you’re a car fan, it’s not too pretty (though the SUV does fight back). But if you’re an Eagles fan, these videos are sweet balm to the soul.

Video after the jump.

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Jets To Crack Down On Game Day Drunks, Pervs

This should come as a relief to the Jets’ newest employee, Jenn Sterger: The team is taking steps to prevent those hardcore drunks masquerading as fans from harassing women before, during, and after home games. The NEW YORK TIMES documented the atrocities last year, and with the league’s new code of conduct policy now in effect, the organization hopes to mitigate the problem altogether.

Gate D at Giants Stadium

Gate D is the Abu Ghraib of Giants Stadium, and it’ll be ground zero for enforcement of the club’s new rules.

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