The Incredible Growing Female Basketball Player

When Brittney Griner started playing basketball at Houston’s Nimitz High School as a freshman, she was already pretty tall for a girl her age. She was already 6 feet, and over the last few years she’s continued growing. And when I say continued growing, I mean like a tree on steroids. Here’s a picture of Brittney now:

Brittney Grimer

She’s currently 6′8″ and absolutely dominating the girls high school basketball scene in Houston - and nationally as well, since she’s considered the number one recruit in the Class of 2009.  Using her size, Brittney has averaged 27.1 points, 12.6 rebounds, and an incredible 9.4 blocks per game, all while shooting 68.9 percent from the floor. Brittney has actually outscored the opposing team in more than half of Nimitz’s games this season, and not surprisingly the school is the #1 ranked team in Texas. Oh, and as if she isn’t dominant enough already, doctors say she’s still growing.

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